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Irreparable Loss: PT Usha in 'Shock' on Hearing about Milkha Singh's Death

Milkha Singh and PT Usha (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Milkha Singh and PT Usha (Photo Credit: Twitter)

PT Usha said the passing of Milkha Singh was a big loss to India.

PT Usha was shocked when she heard that India’s sporting icon Milkha Singh passed away after his battle with Covid-19. The 91-year-old died at a hospital in Chandigarh on Friday after a month-long battle with COVID-19, during which he lost his wife and former national volleyball captain Nirmal Kaur to the same ailment.

PT Usha said she felt low after hearing the news: “I am feeling very low after hearing the news. I remember that two-three years back I visited his house in Chandigarh. Many times I was with him to attend the programmes, he was an inspiration to all," Usha told ANI.

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“And today when I came to know about him, it is like a shock for me. I am feeling so bad because we have lost our great Milkha Ji. Because of his speed dedication and personality, he made a special place in our heart and I express my deep condolences," she added.


PT Usha added that Milkha Singh’s passing was ‘big loss’ to India.

“Its irreparable loss. Running second time in 1960 without any facilities without all those things he made our country proud. We can’t compare him with anybody, his death is a big loss to our nation, he was a great personality," said Usha.

She also said Milkha showed that despite not having appropriate facilities, an athlete can win medals with dedication and willpower.

“He showed our athletes that with dedication and willpower you can come to Olympics and win medals even if facilities are not there," said Usha.

“Without any facilities, he achieved this height, he already showed our young generation that hard work and dedication can bring you medals," she added.

Earlier, PT Usha had taken to Twitter, to write: “Dark clouds of sadness prevail with the demise of my idol and inspiration Milkha Singhji. His story of sheer determination and hard work inspired millions and will continue to do so. As a tribute to him, students of Usha School paid homage to the legend. Rest in Peace."

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