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Just Like WWE! Fans Hit Out at Floyd Mayweather for 'Giving Away' an Easy Win Against Logan Paal

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather (Photo Credit: AP)

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather (Photo Credit: AP)

Floyd Mayweather dominated YouTube star Logan Paul in their eight-round exhibition fight.

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul was a clash of unequal. However, the results of the match left many surprised as Logan managed to survive the full 8 rounds of the bout. The match was an exhibition game where there were no judges. The one and the only way to triumph was to stop or knock out the opponent within the eight scheduled three-minute rounds. Despite Mayweather showcasing his evident dominance, Logan’s survival raised a few eyebrows.

Now, furious fans of the former World Champion have hit out at him for ‘giving away’ the match after a clip of Mayweather holding Logan and saving him from a fallhas surfaced online.The viral clip which is being shared by many Twitter users shows an exhausted Logan stepping back towards the roped before he looked to thrust out a heavy right hand. Mayweather was able to avoid the hook by Logan with ease and responds with a heavy blow landing on Logan’s head. Then,Logan sagged forward towards ‘Money,’ who responded with an uppercut.

Coming into the fight, the odds were heavily stacked against Lohan, and the evening appeared to be over for him once he clearly sagged forward on Mayweather. However, the clips show Mayweather using both his arms to hold his rival and stopping from the fall that could have ended the bout there and then.

The clip prompted many users to question if Logan had indeed been knocked out by the former world champion boxer. After the match, even Logan had joked that Mayweather had ‘let’ him survive.


The video shared on Twitter has got over 2 million views within a few hours. Fans have flooded the reply section with their take on the video. Reacting to it, one of the users compared the boxing match with WWE and called it completely rigged.


Another fan, rather furious in his reactions, called the match a mockery of boxing.






What’s your take on it?

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first published:June 07, 2021, 22:41 IST