Manchester City Twitter Account Disappears Briefly, Twitterati Notices Lesser Followers Once Its Back

Manchester City (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Manchester City (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Manchester City's Twitter account was not working for a brief period and when it returned it had lesser followers.

Manchester City's Twitter account suddenly disappeared for a brief period on Wednesday morning. However, the problem was fixed by midday and it was back up and running.

During the time the Twitter account became defunct, users trying to access the @ManCity handle saw a blank screen and a 'this account doesn't exist' message showing up.

Initially there were rumours that the Man City account could have been hacked, but it was revealed that it was simply a technical issue on the social media platform.

Following the resumption of the account, the Premier League club shared a funny clip on Twitter alongside the caption, “We’re not really here...”

According to a report by Eurosport, following its brief disappearance, the Twitter account reappeared with almost seven million fewer followers. The report added that there were rumours circulating which suggested retribution for City having their Champions League ban overturned.

However, the fact that the account's followers had reduced from 8.5 million to 1.6 million sparked rumours doubting the validity of their followers in the first place.

A number of Twitter users made fun of Man City’s Twitter account predicament with one user writing, “Someone said Man City was banned from Twitter because you need to be older than 12 to register.”

Another Twitter user posted, “no way have Man City been bagged more times (1) than they've lifted Champions League trophies (0).”

One person went on to write, “Man City’s Twitter account has disappeared. I’m pretty sure you have to be 13 to have a Twitter account so guessing that’s why.”

One user even ventured on to write, "'Man City got banned from Twitter? You can buy players but you can't buy followers I guess...'"

Manchester City is one of the most famous football clubs in the world and known for their fierce rivalry with neighbours Manchester United. City, currently managed by Pep Guardiola, has won 2 Premier League titles in last three years. The club has been unable to win the UEFA Champions League though, something their detractors never forget to mention as is evident in the comments above.

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