Nike's New 'You Can't Stop Us' Ad: Twitter is Awe with Editing and Celebrations of Sports in Times of Coronavirus

Nike Ad (Photo Credit: Screengrab)

Nike Ad (Photo Credit: Screengrab)

A new advertisement from Nike has the internet standing up in appreciation for sportspersons around the world.

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The power of advertising can change the entire dynamics regarding the marketing and sales of a product. Advertising is a mirror that reflects the idea and intention behind a product.

Nike has seemed to be acing up the advertisement game really fast and the audience agrees with it. The latest ad from the company has brought along several good moments of the sporting world together to highlight what dreams are made up of.

The new ad comes with a marvelous editing that will leave you completely astonished and might make you watch it over and again. The advertisement put together by Wieden + Kennedy team has put 72 sports action together in 36 split-screen slides, where the actions on both the sides are somewhat similar and match perfectly.

To create it, the team researched 4,000 sports action sequences and the result is definitely jaw-dropping.

Sharing the advertisement on their official Twitter handle, Nike wrote, “Nothing can stop what we can do together. You can’t stop playing sports. Because #YouCantStopUs.”

From basketball to cricket, tennis to athletics, there is no part of sports that has been left untouched by the team that created Nike's advertisement.

Netizens applauded the team for their excellent efforts, appreciating the mind behind the eye-relaxing visuals.

Twitterati and sports fraternity have come together to promote the new ‘You Can’t stop Us’ advertisement:

The power of editing and even more inspirational sportspersons.

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