'Not Easy for Izhaan to Stay Away from His Father': Sania Mirza Wants Her Family Back Together

Sania Mirza, Izhaan and Shoaib Malik (Photo Credit: mirzasaniar/realshoaibmalik)

Sania Mirza, Izhaan and Shoaib Malik (Photo Credit: mirzasaniar/realshoaibmalik)

Sania Mirza rued that there was so much uncertainty surrounding coronavirus that she didn't know when her son will be able to see his father again.

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  • Last Updated: May 16, 2020, 9:28 AM IST
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Sania Mirza and her husband and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik are locked down in two different countries amid the coronavirus pandemic. While Sania is in Hyderabad with their son Izhaan Mirza-Malik and her parents, Shoaib is with her mother in Pakistan.

Sania was travelling non-stop for tournaments as she escaped the virus and returned home to her son in Hyderabad just before the lockdown was imposed in India. Shoaib, on the other hand, was competing in the Pakistan Super League when Pakistan went under a similar lockdown and got stuck there.

Sania expressed that in a situation like that, it was very difficult to handle a 1-year-old like Izhaan.

"So he (Shoaib) got stuck in Pakistan, I got stuck here. That was very difficult to deal with because we have a small child. We don't know when Izhaan will be able to see his father again. It's as basic as that," Sania said to The Indian Express on Facebook Live.

However, she also said that it was a good thing that Shoaib was with his old mother in these times and all she wanted was for all of them to come out of this healthy.

"We are both pretty positive and practical people. He has a mother who is over 65 and by herself, so he needs to be there. So in the end, it worked out best that he was there with her. We hope we are healthy and come out of this on the right side of it."

Sania said video calls were no substitute for meeting in person and all that occupied her mind right now was when she could have her family back together again.

"We have left it to fate.

"(But) I am really looking forward to being back as a family again and being at the same place. It's really not been easy staying away from my husband and for Izhaan to stay away from his father. No amount of virtual video calls can do justice to actually meeting in person. I also look forward to a normal world where hugging and shaking hands become normal again, where we don't think that we might die if we hug someone we love or kill them, you know."

Sania shared the struggles of dealing with the emotions of taking care of a toddler in these times and worrying about ensuring he stays safe.

"I don't have anxiety problems but a couple of nights ago, I was having anxiety out of nothing. I was lying in bed and thinking of things because there's so much uncertainty.

"Having a toddler in the house, you don't know how to protect yourself, how to protect your child, you have parents who are older. So, you are not really thinking about work or tennis," she said.

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