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NXT Champion Finn Balor Shares X-ray of Broken Jaw after Fight against Kyle O'Reilly at TakeOver 31

Finn Balor (Photo Credit: Twtter)

Finn Balor (Photo Credit: Twtter)

Finn Balor broke his jaw in the NXT TakeOver 31 match against Kyle O'Reilly and successfully defended his crown.

NXT Champion Finn Balor has shared an update about the injury he suffered at the special event TakeOver 31, which took place on Sunday. In a Twitter post, Balor revealed that his jaw has been broken at two places. Nevertheless, he went on to mention that he still was the NXT Champion.

At the NXT TakeOver 31, Finn Balor faced a tough battle against Kyle O’Reilly, who fought valiantly to dethrone the champion. Fans flooded his post with “get well soon” messages.

Balor shared an X-ray image of a portion of his skull that showed the broken jaw. He also posted a snap from the match on the side.

Check out the post:

Though Balor managed to successfully defend his title in the main event of the show, he was badly injured during the match. Even O’Reilly suffered some serious blows and at one point they wanted to finish the match early.

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Live, Balor signalled to end the match early, after both fighters had suffered injuries. They still had a few sequences left to perform.

WWE posted an injury update about the two fighters following the brutal fight.

“The main event of NXT TakeOver 31 was a brutal, hard-hitting battle for the NXT Championship between Finn Bálor and Undisputed ERA’s Kyle O’Reilly. In the aftermath of the grueling main event, it has become evident that both Superstars are worse for wear,” said WWE in a statement.

“O’Reilly has a number of broken teeth as a result of the fight with The Prince, WWE.com has learned. O’Reilly is also being evaluated for additional injuries. WWE.com can also report that Balor has been taken to a local medical facility for CAT scans to determine if he suffered potential facial fractures in his successful title defense,” the statement added.

Alvarez expects O’Reilly to be back in action soon. The same cannot be said for Balor, who will return only after his jaw is fixed. But as he said, he is still the champion.

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first published:October 08, 2020, 18:30 IST