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'Point Penalty, Mr Federer': How Roger Federer Lost Cool at Umpire During Shanghai Masters Quarters

Roger Federer (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Roger Federer (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Roger Federer was unusually annoyed on the court during his Shanghai Masters quarter-final against Alexander Zverev and even had an argument with the umpire.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is known for his cool demeanour on the court. While there are stories of Federer's fiesty attitude early on in his career, once he developed a balanced and cool personality, he has been the good samaritan through most of his matches. Friday though was slightly different.

Federer definitely could not play his best tennis against Zverev in the quarter-final on Friday and with the German on fire, Federer kept getting extremely frustrated at not being able to play at the level he's used to.

Federer whacked the ball a number of times whenever he missed the chance of winning the points but it all started to boil over from the time when the umpire did not inform Federer about getting the new balls in play.

Federer usually changes his racquet when new balls are used but he missed the chance to do and was unhappy with the umpire.

"I have got other issues man. I am sorry for that. Help me out. Just help me out," Federer said.

With Zverev continuing his good level of play, Federer's frustration did not seem to go down at all and he took to speaking to the umpire once again.

"Why are you not reminding me? It's the one thing in the whole match that I expect from you.

"80 per cent of you guys never remind me. Every time. I told you like 10 minutes ago. I always end up looking like a fool."

In the next game itself when Federer was serving a break down in the third set, the umpire decided to levy a point penalty on Federer for ball abuse after Federer threw a ball in the crowd.

Federer was visibly annoyed and had a full fledged argument with the chair umpire. Here is what their conversation was like:

Umpire: "It is maybe not with full power but it is hitting the ball out.

Federer: "Well what's the full reason?

Umpire: "It was hitting the ball out of the court. That is somewhere. We might lose the ball there.

Federer: "Do you not think we could get the ball back?

Umpire: "We could. Before you hit the ball there and almost broke the zip and now this is the second time.

Federer: "Why don't you communicate with me at three-love so I know I'm at the edge?"

Despite going a couple of break points down in that service game, Federer used his anger to play better, take that game and even smacked the ball in an overhead smash - legitimately killing the ball this time.

However, Federer ended up losing the match 3-6, 7-6(7), 3-6.

After the match, Federer even snapped at a reporter who asked him the reason for his anger over the umpire. "So you can write a tweet on me, yeah? Next question"

first published:October 12, 2019, 11:00 IST