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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Lauds US Open Runner-up Daniil Medvedev's Speech, Asks Indians to Take Lesson

Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Lauds US Open Runner-up Daniil Medvedev's Speech, Asks Indians to Take Lesson

PM Narendra Modi gave the example of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev's speech, which he made after losing in the US Open final.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat address alluded to Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev's speech after losing in the US Open final.

PM Modi also went onto allude to the sportsmanship spirit of Russian tennis player Danii Medvedev, who recently lost to Rafael Nadal in the final of the US Open.

The Prime Minister lauded Medvedev for his "simplicity and maturity", asking everyone to see the Russian's speech after the final and said that it is something to learn from.

"Just see how on the one hand, victory in the US open was discussed; on the other, runner up Daniil Medvedev's speech was equally doing the rounds in public discourse, especially on social media. Hence I too heard the speech and watched the match. The sheer simplicity and maturity displayed by the 23-year-old Daniil Medvedev touched everyone. It surely stirred me," PM Modi said in his 'Maan Ki Baat' address.

"Moments before this speech, he had suffered defeat at the hands of tennis legend Rafael Nadal, 19 times grand slam winner. An event such as this would have pushed anyone towards remorse and despair; in the case of Medvedev, there was no sign of the slightest pallor on his countenance. Rather, his expression lit up the faces of those watching him with meaningful smiles. He won hearts with his humility and simplicity; the epitome of the spirit of sportsmanship in the truest sense that he is, in letter and spirit. Spectators welcomed his reflections with warmth and fervor. He also touched upon Nadal being the inspiring force in tennis for millions of young people, adding how difficult it was to face him in the game," Modi added.

PM Modi even lauded Nadal's humility in success, especially after such a close match and asked youngsters to watch the video.

"The way Medvedev heaped praise on his opponent after a defeat in a fierce duel makes him a living example of the true essence of the spirit of sportsmanship. Of course, on the other hand, champion Nadal too showered glowing praise on Daniil's game. The display of the indomitable ardour of the defeated and the sheer humility of the victorious in the same frame was a sight to behold. If you haven't heard Medvedev's speech yet, I shall urge you, especially young friends to watch this video. It holds much for people across the age and class spectra to see and learn."

PM Modi then went onto to evoke a 'sloka', saying that " it is life that is victory…".

'Vidya Vinay Upeta Harati

Na Chetansi Kasya Manujasya

Mani Kanchan Sanyog:

Janayati Lokasya Lochan Anandam'

"Meaning, when ability and humility amalgamate in a person, whose heart will he not be able to win over? As a matter of fact, this young player has won the hearts of people across the globe," PM Modi explained.