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Pro Kabaddi 2018, Patna Pirates vs Bengal Warriors Highlights: As It Happened | November 11, 2018, 8:13 AM IST
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Follow all the live action from Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as Patna Pirates take on Bengal Warriors.
Nov 10, 2018 8:59 pm (IST)

That's it then. Patna Pirates beat Bengal Warriors 50-30.

Nov 10, 2018 8:58 pm (IST)

Pirates inching closer to the half-century. In fact Vijay's raid has taken them to 49 points. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:56 pm (IST)

Just two and a half minutes left in this contest. The latest review goes the way of the Warriors who claim another couple of points. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:54 pm (IST)

Pardeep has been blocked off in his raid once again and the Bengal Warriors are picking up some points at the fag end here. Patna leads 46-22 

Nov 10, 2018 8:53 pm (IST)

Just the four minutes to go. Rakesh Narwal has taken a point here for his side, but it's all a little too late. It's 45-20 to Patna 

Nov 10, 2018 8:49 pm (IST)

Another All Out for the Pirates and this is looking bad for the Warriors. They trail 45-18. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:47 pm (IST)

Successful raids for Pardeep Narwal and Amit Nagar has seen both tthe times make progress. Pardeep has also completed his Super 10 for yet another time. Not much time left for the Warriors. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:45 pm (IST)

This has been a brilliant performance by Patna. They have stamped their authority in the match and there is no way Bengal can make a comeback in the match. Deepak Narwal is looking for his Super 10.

Nov 10, 2018 8:43 pm (IST)

Less than 9 minutes to go in the game and the Pirates still leading 38-17

Nov 10, 2018 8:39 pm (IST)

Vijay and Rakesh Narwal have also got their respective raids in and taken the points. That's been followed by a green card for Kuldeep Singh. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:37 pm (IST)

Maninder gets another raid point in after they kept Pardeep out. The score though still favouring Pirates. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:36 pm (IST)

Three point raid by Pardeep Narwal for the Pirates as they continue to surge ahead. Pirates lead with a 32-14 scoreline. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:35 pm (IST)

Bengal have lost another couple of players on court in a do-or-die raid. Pardeep has made it 28-14 for the Patna side. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:34 pm (IST)

Vijay's raid, and keeping Bengal's Amit at bay has given Patna two more points and they have a 12 point lead after five minutes. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:33 pm (IST)

Deepak narwal has an empty raid right after, but Bengal respond with another empty raid too. Vijay comes in and takes the raid point down the left which is Bengal's weakness.

Nov 10, 2018 8:31 pm (IST)

Vijay picks up the first raid points of the half as Patna take the point. Maninder tried to do the same, but once again is blocked off by Patna. Score 24-14 to Patna 

Nov 10, 2018 8:29 pm (IST)

How will the second half play out now? Bengal are well known to fight back in the second half. Can they turn this around? 

Nov 10, 2018 8:23 pm (IST)

Pardeep Narwal can;t get another raid in and Patna go into half time with a lead of 22-14 against the Bengal Warriors 

Nov 10, 2018 8:22 pm (IST)

While Maninder has not done too well, he is the only one getting the points on the raid for his side. Pardeep has been on fire for the Pirates, but Maninder has also managed another point just before half time. Score 22-13 to the Patna Pirates 

Nov 10, 2018 8:21 pm (IST)

Pardeep adds to Bengal's misery with a great raid and Baldev also takes a Green card. That's followed up by a good raid by Maninder Singh. Score 21-12 to Patna 

Nov 10, 2018 8:19 pm (IST)

Less than four minutes to go in the first half, and Maninder's poor form is hurting his side. THe Pirates are defending well and have a 19-10 lead going into the final minutes. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:18 pm (IST)

Ran Singh has an unsuccessful raid and that gives Patna a point. After that they have also inflicted an all-out on the Warriors and raced away with a huge 10 point lead overall. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:15 pm (IST)

Deepak Narwal's unsuccessful raid means the Warriors reduce a point on the lead, but in a do-or-die tackle right after for Bengal Maninder can't do much as the Pirates race away with a 11-7 lead half way through the first half. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:13 pm (IST)

The Korean Jang is on the mat now for Bengal but he can;'t get his raid in. And that's not a good thing for the Bengal side. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:12 pm (IST)

Deepak Narwal helps the Patna Pirates with two more points as they take a 9-6 lead with 10 minutes left in the half. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:11 pm (IST)

Five minutes into the first half, and both sides are fighting out very intensely. Maninder can't get his raid in and the Pirates lead 7-6. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:09 pm (IST)

Maninder Singh gets Ravinder Singh out and adds a point to Bengal Warriors. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:09 pm (IST)

Ran Singh though can't add to that for Bengal as Manjeet makes a brilliant raid and it's 5-5 

Nov 10, 2018 8:08 pm (IST)

Deepak Narwal tries to get in a quick raid point but the teams both take a point here. After that Maninder has an empty raid and soon after Pardeep Narwal is blocked off by Bengal. 

Nov 10, 2018 8:06 pm (IST)

Patna take a two point lead with Deepak Narwal and Pardeep Narwal getting raids in. The Bengal Warriors need to get a start here and they have Maninder Singh to thank. Score 3-2 to Patna 

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