PUBG Mobile East League Play: Teams Qualified for PMWL East 2020 Finals

PUBG Mobile World League

PUBG Mobile World League

The top 16 teams have qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East League Play Finals.

The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East Season Zero League Play has ended and the top 16 teams have qualified from the Super Weekends to compete in the PMWL East 2020 Finals.

The teams in the finals will now fight for the ultimate title. The PMWL East League Play Finals will begin on August 6, 2020 and will be a four-day affair.

Here's the list of teams that have qualified for the finals:

1. Bigetron Red Aliens - 522 points (223 kills)

2. Box Gaming - 508 points (175 kills)

3. RRQ Athena - 496 points (218 kills)

4. King of Gamers Club - 461 points (187 kills)

5. Team Secret - 432 points (181 kills)

6. TSM-Entity - 416 points (185 kills)

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7. GXR Celtz - 404 points (154 kills)

8. Valdus The Murder - 387 points (156 kills)

9. Megastars - 387 points (137 kills)

10. OR Esports - 355 points (159 kills)

11. T1 - 351 points (119 kills)

12. TEAMIND - 324 points (135 kills)

13. Yoodo Gank - 284 points (100 kills)

14. Synerge - 241 points (92 kills)

15. U Level Up Esports - 238 points (81 kills)

16. Reject-Scarlet - 187 points (74 kills)

Here are the top 5 kill leaders from PMWL 2020 East Super Weekend 3 Day 3:

The Sniper of the defending World Champions BTR, Luxxy, got the 1st position with 12 kills. After an ordinary performance on Day 1 and Day 2, Luxxy took his team to the first position on Day 3. He is also at the 4th position in the overall kills leaderboard with 98 kills.

Twin brother of Luxxy and Bigetron's IGL, Zuxxy, came on the 2nd place with 11 kills. Team Bigetron finished 10th at the end of day 2 but came back to the top after an exemplary performance on Day 3.

KOG Bossza notched 11 kills and got the 3rd position. Team KOG is known for its fragging prowess in the SEA Region. The team is now showcasing its calibre at the world stage.

YOODO Jumper finished 4th after bagging ten kills to his name. Team Yoodo Gank took 27 kills on Day 3 with 54 points. They also finished at the 13th position with 284 points.

South Asian teams couldn't capitalize on the final day. Ind Slayer notched ten kills and became the only player from the South Asian region to feature in top 5.

Where to watch PMWL East Finals?

The PMWL East Finals will be held from on August 6. Fans can watch the PMWL 2020 East Finals live action on PUBG Mobile Esports' official YouTube channel from 5:30 PM IST on four days.

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