Putting a Premium on Fitness, Wellness is Need of the Hour: Abhinav Bindra

File photo of Abhinav Bindra. (Photo Credit: @Athlete365)

File photo of Abhinav Bindra. (Photo Credit: @Athlete365)

Abhinav Bindra, India's only solo Olympic gold medal winner, wants athletes to focus on fitness and wellness.

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  • Last Updated: February 25, 2020, 4:10 PM IST
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New Delhi: What goes into the making of a world-class athlete is a question best answered by Abhinav Bindra -- through his cutting-edge High Performance Centres.

He now wants people at large to put a premium on fitness and wellness.

By ushering in the new age sports and medical care hitherto unseen in India, the country's lone individual Olympic gold medallist is helping improve the lives of people outside the sporting arena.

"That is the need of the hour," the 37-year-old, the brainchild behind the Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance (ABTP), told PTI in a telephonic interview.

"The work that I have been doing revolved around prevention of injuries, proper rehabilitation, it revolved around well being and holistic approach," the champion shooter added.

Daivam Wellness, India's first functional medicine centre, has tied up with Bindra's ABTP and asked about the collaboration, he said this happened because of similar visions.

"It is very similar to what Daivam really does like lifestyle ... going to the route cause of the problem, the philosophy is same.

"It is really the need of the hour. What the people in the country need is meeting of minds between similar philosophy for betterment and well being of people."

He is trying to ensure the best global practices in either prevention of injuries or treatment of injuries are accessible to the people at large.

"Sport is always the inspiration behind what we do. We do a lot of work on prevention of injuries, lifestyle related issues, which has resulted in a lot of structural imbalances, and the technology that we have allows us to make everything much more accountable and completely data driven," said Bindra.

ABTP has five centres -- in Pune, New Delhi, Mohali, Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar.

"With technology we are able to employ assessment protocol which then allows us to evaluate what the imbalances are and then a customised programme is made," he said.

From back ache to rehabilitation, athletes and people at large go to these centres.

Bindra says wellness is also "absolutely important" for sportspersons.

"An athlete is also a human being. Once we take care of wellbeing of an athlete then performance will automatically come. An athlete is not a robot, not a machine. Wellbeing of athletes is absolute necessary."

His real goal also is to go to the grassroots, identify talent and provide them scientific training and rehabilitation facilities, something, he feels, can help "make a big impact in our performance".

Asked about awareness, he said, "There is much more awareness than before, we have to train the whole ecosystem and only when we take this to the base level we will start to make a real impact."

Sanjay Sachdeva, founder & CEO Daivam Wellness, is delighted with the association.

"As part of Daivam's journey to enable complete wellbeing in every person's life through the integration of various aspects of their life, it is imperative to join hands with organisations who are equally in sync with this ideal as well," Sachdeva said.

"ABTP was thus a natural progression and perfect example of a team that inherently has a similar objective and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership

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