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PV Sindhu Reveals She Cried Post Match, Says Two Points in Final Game Cost Title

In an exclusive interview to CNN-News18's Meha Bhardwaj, Sindhu revealed that she burst into tears after the end of the match as she couldn't get over those final two points, which cost her the title.

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Updated:August 30, 2017, 7:38 PM IST
PV Sindhu Reveals She Cried Post Match, Says Two Points in Final Game Cost Title
In an exclusive interview to CNN-News18's Meha Bhardwaj, Sindhu revealed that she burst into tears after the end of the match as she couldn't get over those final two points, which cost her the title.
Ace India shuttler PV Sindhu was in touching distance of a historic BWF World Championships 2017, but she lost to Japanese Nozomi Okuhara in a three-game thriller in the final of the tournament.

In an exclusive interview to CNN-News18's Meha Bhardwaj, Sindhu revealed that she burst into tears after the end of the match as she couldn't get over those final two points, which cost her the title.

Here is the transcript of the entire conversation -

Q) As an athlete how difficult is it to fight fatigue, battle your opponent and also control your nerves while playing a match as competitive as the final against Nozomi Okuhara?

A) It was a great match. At that point it was important for both of us to take each point. Each point was very important for both of us and of course it was the final for world championship so nobody would just leave it. In fact, we both fought very hard; it was like third set 20 all, there were long rallies and it was anybody's match. I don't really have anything to say that I made this mistake or that but I can just say it wasn't my day.

Q) You have age on your side but the high standard of competition in women badminton getting a crack at the world Championship gold isn't easy.. disappointed that you couldn't get the job done?

A) I'm not disappointed but upset. Anything can happen any moment but i kept on going. I'm happy at least I changed the color from bronze to silver though I was aiming for the gold. It happens. Winning and losing is a part of life. I gave my best but it wasn't my day. She played well. I just have to take the positives from here and come back stronger.

Q) How much do you think your game has changed since Rio Olympics?

A) Of course, after Rio it has changed a lot because I've got a lot of confidence and I was practicing harder. Game wise it has changed too after RIO. We've got new coaches from Indonesia. They have a different way of thinking that has helped us a lot. But this is just the beginning and i have a improve a lot because everyday is a new start; you keep improving and trying new stuff which is how you learn new things.

Q) Did the Chair Umpire's constant warning bother you in those crucial moments?

A) It really didn't bother me. She probably had certain rules and regulations but I thought I was fine but then, I think she thought I was taking some time. But it really didn't bother me because these things happen in a game and you have to be prepared for anything.

Q) How difficult was it for you to physically cope up with your opponent? Did it played any role in the outcome of the match?

A) I think yes. Also, there were long rallies and she left no shuttle, so it was important to keep the shuttle on the court. It was like let's see who finally wins a point. There were extremes where she was diving or I was diving so for the outsiders I've heard them say "you gave us a heart attack".

Q) Your semi-final went on till very late and the next day was the final. How much did the lack of recovery time affect you in that exhausting match?

A) Yes, it depends on the timings also so you have to be prepared for anything and everything because sometimes there might be late night matches and sometimes it might be 2nd or 3rd match. They may also think Indian timings might be different. So, recovery was very important and I've done mine. But the timing yes it was a bit delayed in the night since I slept around 2 at night and then next day morning. There should be some changes I feel but you have to be prepared for all these things since you can't keep complaining that there should be changes. We should also change ourselves into that mode because in the tournament anything can happen. We can just go on our own plans but be prepared for anything.

Q) Prakash Padukone gave us a quote where he has called this the best ever performance by any Indian athlete ..that must make you happy?

A) Yes of course. It made me feel very happy and I've read on twitter too. When a legend says this, you ought to feel proud.

Q) I am sure Tokyo 2020 is the big goal. There is also the Asian and the Commonwealth games next year. How do you plan to approach the rest of the season?

A) Now there are few other series and I would like to take it all one at a time. I definitely hope I do well. I have to be prepared and fit enough because now here are other tournaments and when it comes to 2018, they will change the schedule and they will add Commonwealth and Asian games as well. So we have to be fit enough and prepare ourselves. The next upcoming is Japan and Korea and I hope I give my best.

Q) Sindhu for little girls, who watch you and idolize you what do you have to say to them? What would you say is the most important thing to concentrate on?

A) First of all I would like to thank everybody for the love and support they are giving me and their blessings. For the young kids who play badminton or any sport, of course hard work is important but parents support in very important as well because without their support you will reach nowhere. With these two by your side, you will definitely rise in life.

Q) We saw your mother watching from the sidelines, what did she say after the match?

A) She couldn't say much. She was a bit sad. I cried post-match because I really felt bad as it was anybody's game. That 2 points I just went off but my mom said never mind, there is always a next time. You played brilliantly and you are a champion for us. I was still upset but she said that such things happen in life, so it is fine.

Q) Gopichand talks of you being a 'work in progress'. In what areas do you think you can improve in your game?

A) Now, I definitely have to improve and learn from my mistakes. There's a lot to learn and it's never over. Everyday you learn something new and the new coaches are helping a lot too.

Q) Do you do anything that normal 22-year-olds do? Do you go out watch movies, TV shows?

A) Not really, but a bit busy in life right now. After a year, life has changed a lot. I have no time because its always practice and practice. Apart from that, we travel a lot which I love. We have 2 tournaments a month so I come back and practice. Besides badminton, I'm doing my 2nd year of MBA. I do watch movies and I love shopping though I do it abroad because here I can never do it. With so many people. I do go to dinners with my family and sister.

Q) After Rio you had spoken about chocolates and sweets being banned before Olympics by Gopi, was it same this time around?

A) I have really cut down those. Before Rio I craved for chocolates, but now we know this is what we have to do. You have to sacrifice some things to achieve somethings but once in a while its ok.

Q) How impressed were you by Saina's performance at the World Championship?

A) I think she played very well. You have to face a big player one of the times. She gave her best and its good we've got 2 medals for the country. It's a very proud moment. Overall her performance was also very good.

Q) Can you tell me a little bit about your relationship with Gopi Sir, Is he strict? what does he constantly tell you to do that you dont follow?

A) For on court he is and that is how he should be I feel. When on court, the focus has to be there; he has to tell us about our mistakes but off court he is very friendly and jovial. Before Rio I wasn't very aggressive and I didn't shout on court but he made me stand on court and shout and now I think i'm aggressive enpough so there isn't much for him to make me do

Q) When you were leading 19 -17 in the decider what was going on in your head ? Did you think you were going to win?

A) I never thought that because its never over until its over. Everytime i was playing a point or after the point there were long rallies but even though it was 19-17 I knew she wasnt going to leave and its not going to finish so easily. She was just coming and coming. I was prepared for everything. It's not an easy match i thought.


Q) Favourite Food?

SINDHU: Hyerabadi Biryani and Italian.

Q) One phrase or word you use often?

SINDHU: Maybe..

Q) Your sporting Idol?

SINDHU: I'm looking upto my coach and I'm training under him.

Q) Who is your BFF?

SINDHU: I have so many so nothing like one in particular.

Q) Favourite piece of clothing?

SINDHU: Whatever suits me and I love dressing up. Depends on the mood and the event

Q) What music is on your playlist?

SINDHU: I love fast beat music.

Q) Biggest sacrifice for Badminton?

SINDHU: Maybe junk food.

Q) Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal


Q) Last book read?

SINDHU: I don't read books at all.

Q) City you love?

SINDHU: Paris, New York

Q) One thing not many know about Sindhu

SINDHU: I'm not very aggressive off court. I have to say that since I'm very aggressive on court.

Q) Favourite thing about yourself

Sindhu: I'm very friendly and jovial with everybody.

Q) What is the craziest thing you have done

Sindhu: I've done a lot of things. I remember, I was 7 and had exams in a week and I lost my bag so I had no books to study but I somehow managed

Q) Your biggest dream?

SINDHU: of corse to be at the top of the world.

Q) One talent you would have loved to have?

SINDHU: if you work hard you can get anything.

Q) A person you admire the most?

SINDHU: Parents

Q) What is the best advice anyone has given you?

SINDHU: My dad and mom. No matter how far you go be down to earth.

Q) Cats or Dogs?


Q) Favourite sport after Badminton

SINDHU: Tennis

Q) Are you usually early or late or on time

SINDHU: On time

Q) One thing you want to become better at?

SINDHU: Not get too angry and remain calm.

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