Seth Rollins Speaks on CM Punk and Fans Turning on Him at WWE Backstage

Seth Rollins appeared on WWE backstage. (Photo Credit: WWE)

Seth Rollins appeared on WWE backstage. (Photo Credit: WWE)

Seth Rollins said on WWE Backstage that he is not the type of person who will accept being disrespected.

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Seth Rollins was present in this week's WWE Backstage where he spoke on CM Punk and the fans turning on him among many other things. According to a story in Wrestling Inc, Rollins referred to CM Punk's absence from the show, "I'm here, he's not here and I'm not shocked about that. I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject. I just don't think it's going anywhere, I'm not shocked that he's not here, so I think it's time to maybe move on to something that matters. I wish he was here. I wish we could have a face-to-face, but it's not in the cards."

The Wrestling Inc report further stated that Rollins spoke about the moment when he thought the fans turned on him. He pointed the Hell in Cell match against Bray Wyatt as the moment, adding that he is not the type of person who will just accept being disrespected.

The report quoted Rollins as saying, "There's small contingent of our audience that's very vocal on social media. ... I love this business; This is my life, so when you put so much into it, to feel like I get disrespected. I'm going to push back. I'm not a guy, like (John) Cena who's gonna put motivational quotes on Twitter, or like Roman (Reigns) and kind of hang back."

Rollins added that it is the "cool thing" to hate him, before going on to say that Roman Reigns met with the same reaction before him and John Cena may have pioneered it. He even referred to Bret Hart having faced the same reaction, according to the report.

As for the storyline involving him and his fiancé WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch, Rollins added that if possible he would have avoided being together on WWE TV.

Following the episode, WWE on Fox shared a short clip on Twitter where Rollins could be seen saying he has "wrapped up" shooting with the "awesome crew" before adding that he looks forward to coming back to the show. One could also see Paige, Booker T and Christian in the background.

Rollins later tweeted a thank you message to the show, "Thanks to the #wwebackstage crew for having me out! Good times were had by all! @BookerT5x @ReneeYoungWWE @RealPaigeWWE @Christian4Peeps @WWEonFOX."

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