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Six Changes WWE Should Make in Draft 2020

WWE Draft 2020 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

WWE Draft 2020 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Triple H confirmed a draft for later in in the year 2020.

Much like other years, 2020 will most likely not be bereft of the annual WWE draft to mix-up the rosters of RAW and SmackDown once again and create some amazing new storylines. According to a report by Comicbook, during a media call prior to NXT TakeOver XXX, Triple H had confirmed a draft for later in the year. According to the wrestling superstar, NXT stars moving to the main roster could be part of the 2020 Draft as well.

Here’s looking at a few storylines that could play out during the WWE Draft 2020.

Ricochet gets sent to SmackDown

While the high-flying NXT star made quite a promising debut on the main roster, he could never amount to much. Ricochet was one of the wrestlers Heyman had planned bigger things for. However, he never quite got the attention he deserved. SmackDown could provide some much-needed exposure for Ricochet and a storyline involving Sami Zayn and him could actually help propel his career further.


Return of Sonya Deville

Another promising wrestler, Deville’s last match with Mandy Rose had a provision that saw her being forced out of WWE. One of the upcoming stars of the women’s division, sending her to RAW with Mandy could see them playing out their rivalry. They could also bring Sonya back to SmackDown and create a whole new storyline as well.

AJ Styles moves back to RAW

A veteran wrestler with many accolades over the years, Styles was not a big fan of Paul Heyman when the latter had the creative reins of RAW in his hands. Thus, it was not surprising when Styles was moved to the SmackDown roster. However, with Heyman being fired from his creative position and subsequently being sent to RAW as Roman Reigns’ new manager, there could be few fresh stories if Styles were to return to RAW.

Adam Cole leaves Undisputed Era and moves to SmackDown

An Intercontinental title picture on SmackDown involving Zayn, Ricochet, Cole and Daniel Bryan could be one of those matches everyone looks out for. Cole has done almost everything on MNXT apart from breaking up the Undisputed Era. That could possibly still be in the storylines before the WWE Draft.

Karrion Kross moves to RAW

The talented wrestler’s title reign as NXT Champion ended even before it really began due to an injury. Even though the creative is already setting up his return to NXT, Kross could now be main roster ready and the move to RAW could only advance his career.

Tag Team Championships get unified

With two sets of championships with the company, it seems the division has gotten diluted and there is not enough intrigue in either RAW or SmackDown. If a winner takes all matches that unify the championships then it could bring the spunk back to the division like the early days of WWE’s first brand expansion.