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The Rock is Not a Great Actor, Says Dave Bautista; Takes a Dig at John Cena Too

The Rock (L), Batista (C), John Cena (Photo Credit: Twitter)

The Rock (L), Batista (C), John Cena (Photo Credit: Twitter)

'The Animal' Batista has not minced his words when words while talking about The Rock and John Cena.

WWE star turned film actor Dave Bautista does not consider Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a great actor and does not want movies like Fast and Furious. He would rather prefer to work with accomplished actors and filmmakers in serious movies.

In a recent interview with, Bautista made some brutally honest remarks including potshots taken at another member of his fraternity John Cena.

Over the years we have seen some of the most popular WWE performers enter Hollywood, seeking to build a different career for them. Other than DJ and Cena, the list includes Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Kane, Stone Cold, Steve Austin and Randy Orton. Among them, The Rock has undoubtedly been the most successful with numerous roles in movies across genres, but mainly action and comedy, like Jumanji, Fast and Furious franchise films, San Andreas, The Rampage and so on. At one point, he even became the top earning Hollywood star. But Bautista does not want success of this kind. He wants “good” roles.

In the interview, Bautista said that DJ was already a movie star before he actually became one. He did acknowledge that there is something special about DJ. But would he consider him a great actor? His answer was ‘No’.

Read the excerpts from the interview here

He further said, “Do not compare me to The Rock or John Cena. Everyone does it. Those guys are wrestlers who became movie stars. I’m something else. I was a wrestler. Now, I’m an actor.”

He went on to reveal what he actually wanted. “I want good roles. I don’t care about Fast and Furious or Bumblebee. That’s not the kind of stardom I want. I want to be in Dune. I want to work with Denis Villeneuve. I want to work with Sam Mendes and Jodie Foster. I want to work with Academy Award winners."

Well we can’t blame the man for trying. And indeed, he did a terrific job playing “Drax” in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We sure will look forward to seeing him do the “good” roles.
first published:September 14, 2020, 16:28 IST