Thomas Mueller Joins Virat Kohli, Pep Guardiola Live on Chat to Profess His Love for Indian Food

Virat Kohli (top), Pep Guardiola (bottom) and Thomas Mueller (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Virat Kohli (top), Pep Guardiola (bottom) and Thomas Mueller (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Thomas Mueller was a very small part of Virat Kohli-Pep Guardiola Instagram Live when he professed his love for Indian food on chat.

Bayern Munich's German forward Thomas Mueller loves Indian food. He said it himself when he joined the Instagram live between Indian men's cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. While Kohli and Guardiola discussed a range of things about both cricket and football and playing amid coronavirus times, Mueller joins in to tell what he likes about India.

While Kohli and Guardiola were conversing, Mueller said, "Hello everybody," and then in the next text, he said, "I like indian food - sure."

There was a certain Indian Super League (ISL) team also that came up in the conversation between Kohli and Guardiola - Mumbai City FC, in which the City Football Group invested last year. Guardiola said he had never visited India but the association with Mumbai City FC may be a good excuse to finally make the trip, that is when the coronavirus situation ends.

"Now you know Mumbai City FC will be part of our family in the City Football Group. I know one person, I met him at City, Ajin Jacob. He would be the CEO there quite similar. He's an incredible (sic) nice guy. Maybe we will have the chance. I have never visited India. So, when the pandemic situation ends, we would love to go there. Good excuse for Puma and Mumbai City. We can travel there," he said.

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Guardiola also spoke about the feeling of football matches being held behind closed doors and said they felt more like friendly games. Ever since the return of football, matches in England have been held without fans in the stadium as part of safety precautions. Even the Champions League was held at just one venue without an audience.

"Without people it's not the same. It feels like a friendly game. We must do it, the show must go on! We need the people to come back to the stadiums when everything is safe," Guardiola admitted. "It feels very different without them. We miss the fans. Playing closed behind the scenes is weird," he added.

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