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Transgender Cyclist Blames Donald Trump Junior For Death Threats, Increase in Hate Mails

Rachel McKinnon. (Photo Credit: @rachelvmckinnon)

Rachel McKinnon. (Photo Credit: @rachelvmckinnon)

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon said she has received innumerable hate mails and death threats after Donald Trump Jr spoke against her competing with women.

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon has claimed that ever since Donald Trump Junior's rant against her on social media, the amount of hate mails directed at her has seen a great surge.

Back in October, McKinnon had won a gold medal in the women's event at UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships and Trump Jr had taken to social media to express his displeasure against the same. He called McKinnon's win a "BS" and disagreed with the transgender competing in the women's category.

"This BS will destroy women's sports and everything so many amazing female athletes have worked their entire lives to achieve.
I couldn't care less how you identify, but this isn't right," Trump Jr wrote on Twitter.

At that time, McKinnon had just responded with a "Oh THIS explains the explosion of hate messages I'm getting!!"

But a couple of months later, McKinnon has now come out with a big statement about amount of hate she has received ever since Trump Jr wrote against her.

"Soon after my win, Donald Trump Jr threw a Twitter tantrum about me. I've seen a huge uptick in the volume of hate mail I've received in the weeks since.

"I have four people who monitor my Instagram to delete hateful messages; they've been overwhelmed by the volume," she wrote in a recent article for New York Times.

She further added that Twitter was "far worse" and that she had receieved death threats on the social media platform.

She went on to explain how the women's events are where she belongs and that there are rules that allow her to compete against women.

"Many want me to race against men. I have news for them: I'm not allowed. I'm legally female. My birth certificate, passport, driver's license, U.S. permanent resident card, medical records and my racing license all have an 'F' on them.

"The Union Cycliste Internationale, USACycling, Cycling Canada, the Canadian and United States governments and the state of South Carolina all agree that I'm female.

"The rules require me to race in the women's category. That's exactly where I belong: I am a woman, after all. I am female as well."

She further put her results into context for the ones who say she has "an unfair competitive advantage".

"Consider this: I lose most of my races. I won five out of 22 events in 2019; none of those I won were against strong international fields.

"The woman who took second place to me in the masters world championship sprint event, Dawn Orwick, beat me just days earlier in the 500-meter time trial.

"In the 12 times I've raced against Jennifer Wagner, who finished third to my first place in the sprint event in 2018, she beat me in seven. Wagner has beaten me more times than I've beaten her, head-to-head.

"How can I have an unfair advantage over her if she beats me most of the time? And why should my right to compete be contingent on not winning?"
first published:December 09, 2019, 12:28 IST