WWE Clash of Champions 2019: Becky Lynch Fined USD 10,000 for Accidentally Hitting Referee

WWE Clash of Champions 2019: Becky Lynch Fined USD 10,000 for Accidentally Hitting Referee

Becky Lynch, who defeated Sasha Banks in their match at the WWE Clash of Champions, was fined for accidentally hitting the referee with a chair.

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WWE Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch had an intensely physical match with the recently returned challenger Sasha Banks at WWE Clash of Champions 2019. While Becky Lynch dominated throughout most of the match, accidentally hit the referee with a chair, putting him down for the count.

Minutes later, while the wrestling stars continued brawling in the arena, the commentary team casually mentioned the match was actually over because Becky Lynch was disqualified for the aforementioned inadvertent chair shot to the official.

This happened when Sasha Banks secured a late near fall during the course of the match when she used Lynch's body to block the referee's vision of a chair shot in homage to her idol Eddie Guerrero. However, the match came to an end when Banks brought the chair into the ring, which the referee pulled out of her hands. Lynch picked up the same chair and aimed it at Becky Lynch. However, she inadvertently hit the referee instead, leading to a disqualification.

Now, WWE has announced that Becky Lynch has been fined $10,000 for inadvertently striking a referee during her Raw Women's Championship Match against Sasha Banks.

The company added in their statement, "The Man had intended to deliver the chair strike to The Boss but ended up hitting the referee instead. After the referee went down, the title match descended into chaos, as the two rivals took their brawl to the concourse."

The fine is seemingly quite lenient when compared to the USD 100,000 that was slapped against Kevin Owens for laying his hands on a match official.

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