WWE Monday Night Raw: Kairi Sane Shares Pictures of her Injured Head, Fans Lash Out at Nia Jax

Kairi Sane (Photo Credit: @KairiSaneWWE)

Kairi Sane (Photo Credit: @KairiSaneWWE)

WWE fans slammed the company for letting Nia Jax get away with hurting people after Kairi Sane shared pictures of her injured head.

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WWE Monday Night Raw saw Nia Jax and Kairi Sane fight it out in the wrestling arena. One of the nail biting encounters on Monday Night Raw turned gruesome after Sane got her head bumped to the steel steps. The incident happened when Jax pushed Sane towards the ring steps.

Now a day after the match, Sane took to the microblogging site Twitter to share pictures of her injured head. She has also written a note describing what she is going through at the moment.

In one of the snaps shared by Sane, we can see a deep cut on her forehand.

"You are strong. I have lost to you many times. I am small and you may think I'm weak. However, you can never beat my heart. I will get back up again," read the post.

The incident didn't sink well with WWE fans, who have slammed Jax for such an act.

A user on Twitter wrote, "This woman is a god damn menace. There has to come a time where someone in that company realizes that it's not just "accidents", it's recklessness. Who hasn't she hurt at this point?"

Sharing a glimpse of Sane's injury, another user wrote, " This is what Nia Jax did to Kairi Sane, no amount of editing can hide this. The woman should not be in a wrestling ring".

Here are some of the other reactions:

This is not the first time when Jax's name has cropped up for her rough game. Last month, Jax, whose real name is Savelina Fanene, injured Sane with her botched moves in the ring.

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