WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results: Johnny Gargano Beats Damian Priest, Io Shirai Betters Candice LeRae

Johnny Gargano and Io Shirai (Photo Credit: WWE)

Johnny Gargano and Io Shirai (Photo Credit: WWE)

Johnny Gargano defeated Damian Priest to retain his North American Championship as Io Shirai beat Candice LeRae to keep her Women's Championship at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc.

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc on Wednesday witnessed several matches. Devil’s Playground Match for the NXT North American Championship was championed by Johnny Gargano in a dramatic turn of events, while Santos Escobar registered his victory over NXT Halloween Havoc. The matches went excited as they proceeded further.

Here are the results of clashes that took place on October 28.

Devil’s Playground Match for the NXT North American Championship - Johnny Gargano vs Damian Priest

The match between the two was interesting as the outcome of the clash came out in a dramatic manner. In the beginning of the fight, Priest was in control, but things changed after Johnny Gargano got a hold of a kendo stick. At one point of the game, the two were wrestling outside the ring and Gargano hit Priest with a trashcan and then an equipment trolly. After a break, they stood on a makeshift stage. Towards the end of the match, a masked character came out with a steel pipe. Gargano took a concrete tombstone from him to hit Priest in the head. Finally, Gargano managed to defeat Priest.

NXT Halloween Havoc - Santos Escobar vs Jake Atlas 

Santos Escobar, the Cruiserweight champ, had half of his face painted like the mask he was using at one point. Initially, Escobar was in control. He was giving a tough time to Jake Atlas. But, after sometime, Atlas took Escobar to the corner and started beating him. This move attracted warning from the referee, but Atlas continued beating him and he dropped Escobar face-first into the mat. Towards the end of the game, Escobar, who was being provided help by Mendoza and Wilde, took advantage of Atlas’ distraction. The Cruiserweight champion in the end emerged victorious.

Haunted House of Terror match - Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes

The clash between Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes was shown in several segments. In this match, finally Lumis got the better of Grimes. But, despite losing the game, Grimes caught the attention of viewers with his performance. His popularity will be seen when fans will return to stadiums to see his matches.

NXT Halloween Havoc - Rhea Ripley vs Raquel Gonzalez

In the beginning, Raquel Gonzalez was in a dominating position. But, as the game progressed, Rhea Ripley started gaining control and locked in a submission hold before she was dropped again. Gonzalez again started dominating the match, but Ripley overcame all odds to win the game.

NXT Women's Championship - Candice LeRae vs Io Shirai 

The clash was interesting as it witnessed use of things like ladder and computer for attack. During the match, the viewers got to witness a dramatic scene when LeRae took out a bag from under the ring containing some fake body parts. Shirai made use of the severed hand to beat LeRae. In the end, Shirai outperformed LeRae to retain the the NXT Women's Championship.

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