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WWE NXT UK Results: Meiko Satomura Ends Kay Lee Ray’s Reign, Crowned NXT UK Women's Champion

Meiko Satomura (Photo Credit: WWE)

Meiko Satomura (Photo Credit: WWE)

Meiko Satomura on Thursday ended Kay Lee Ray’s 649 days reign as WWE NXT UK Champion.

Meiko Satomura has been crowned the new NXT UK Women’s Champion. She is the fourth women to hold the prestigious title. Satomura achieved the feat by defeating Kay Lee Ray on Thursday night in a WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship match. Ray was the third women to lift the title and her dominance lasted for a record 649 days. Satomura hogged the media limelight last month after she was introduced as the mystery replacement for Xia Brookside in the women’s gauntlet eliminator match.

Brookside was ruled out of the match due to an injury following an attack by Amale backstage. The Japanese wrestler went on to win the match and after that, she had been on an unprecedented rise in WWE.

Here we take a look at the highlights from Thursday night WWE NXT UK:

The show starts with Austrian wrestler Walter Hahn, popularly known as Walter, cutting a promo to boast about himself. Walter went on and on about how he made WWE NXT UK a grand prix of professional wrestling and he is going to be NXT UK champion forever.

Jordan Devlin vs Saxon Huxley: After Walter’s self-promotion, Jordan Devlin and Saxon Huxley met each other in an interesting match. The competition starts with Huxley taunting Devlin. He later throws Devlin in the corner. However, Devlin turned it around in his favour and started striking Huxley. In the end, Devlin won the match via pinfall.

Symbiosis (Primate and T-Bone) vs Andy Wild and Dan Moloney: The match starts with Primate and Dan Moloney squaring off against each other. Moloney was completely dominated by Primate in the first session of the match. However, Moloney got out of the ring after facing several blows by tagging Andy Wild. After coming inside the ring, Wild cornered Primate on the mat for a few mins before Primate threw him in the corner. Wild again got on top of Primate and started counting but did not succeed,as Primate kicks out at two. In the end, Symbiosis defeated Wild and Moloney by pinfall.

Meiko Satomura vs Kay Lee Ray: Satomura defeated Ray via pinfall to get crowned the NXT UK Women’s Champion.

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first published:June 11, 2021, 11:41 IST