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WWE NXT UK Results: Sam Gradwell Loses to Trent Seven, Nathan Frazer Defeats Sha Samuels

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Last Updated: May 28, 2021, 13:29 IST

Sam Gradwell and Trent Seven (Photo Credit: WWE)

Sam Gradwell and Trent Seven (Photo Credit: WWE)

Trent Seven was victorious in a highly physical encounter with Sam Gradwell as Sha Samuels was hammered by Nathan Frazer before losing the match via pinfall.

The World Wrestling Entertainment fans on Thursday night witnessed some high voltage clash between Nathan Frazer and Sha Samuels, along with a Teoman vs Ashton Smith match in the WWE NXT UK episode on May 27. Pretty Deadly and Jack Starz were involved in a war of words with each other to set up an entertaining match in the future. In the last part of the show, Kenny Williams and Andy Wild faced each other before an all-important match between Trent Seven and Sam Gradwell.

Here is a recap of Thursday night’s WWE NXT UK:

Nathan Frazer vs Sha Samuels: The show started with a lengthy match between Nathan and Samuels. Throughout the match, Nathan used his speed to stay ahead of the Samuels. However, he was undone by the presence of Noam Dar at ringside. The British star soon regained his focus and finished the match by hitting a springboard into a reverse DDT. After that, Nathan smashed Samuels by a frog splash before pinning him on the mat to take the match.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

Ashton Smith vs Teoman: The match started with Smith and Teoman locking each other. However, Smith soon broke the lock and tossed Teoman away. After that, he beat Teoman down against the rope. After recovering from his beating, Teoman trapped Smith in the skirt and started hitting him before throwing him inside the ring. In the end, Teoman took Smith down and locked him in a cross face to take the match.

Winner: Teoman

Kenny Williams vs Andy Wild: Williams defeated Wild in a one-sided encounter via pinfall.

Winner: Kenny Williams

Trent Seven vs Sam Gradwell: The match started with Trent backing Sam into the ropes. However, taking advantage of the situation, Sam dropped Trent via a shoulder block before using a cross body into a jumping leg drop for two. However, despite early blows, Trent made a comeback and in the end, won the match via pinfall.

Winner: Trent Seven

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first published:May 28, 2021, 13:29 IST
last updated:May 28, 2021, 13:29 IST