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WWE NXT UK Results: Wolfgang Defeats Sam Gradwell; Kenny Williams Downs Danny Jones

WWE NXT UK Results (wwe.com)

WWE NXT UK Results (wwe.com)

Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster faced Jinny and Joseph Conners on Thursday night in WWE NXT UK.

The WWE NXT UK on Thursday night starts with Wolfgang facing Sam Gradwell. It was followed by an epic battle between Danny Jones and Kenny Williams. Jordan Devlin made an appearance in Supernova 11 Sessions as Noam Dar’s guest. Jack Starz was offered a WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup title shot by Tyler Bate. However, Starz turned it down saying that he is yet to earn it. Later he was schooled by Dave Mastiff for turning down such a huge opportunity. Mastiff advised Starz to never reject such offers in future.

Nathan Frazer took on Rohan Raja in an interesting clash. Meanwhile, backstage, viewers witnessed Carlos Ruiz aka A Kid hanging out in Devlin’s locker room. And it’s safe to say the former cruiserweight champion was not happy to see A-Kid there. In the last segment, Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster took on Jinny and Joseph Conners.

Here we take a look at Thursday night’s WWE NXT UK results:

Wolfgang vs Sam Gradwell: In the first lock-up of the night Wolfgang proved that Gradwell is all bark and no bite. The competition started with Gradwell shoving off Wolfgang. Later, Wolfgang was caught in a headlock by Gradwell. However, Wolfgang took control of the proceedings by his wrist to take his opponent down. And it proved to be the turning point in the fight. After taking Gradwell down, the 34-year-old Scottish wrestler smashed his opponent on the rope before throwing him across the ring. After that, the duo was involved in some intense wrestling but in the end, Wolfgang won the match via pinfall.


Kenny Williams vs Danny Jones: Kenny Williams has been on an unprecedented rise in the WWE NXT UK brand even since he turned on his partner Amir Jordan. Williams has totally rebranded his attitude and has been more focused. On Thursday, Williams further enhanced his reputation as a wrestling marauder by defeating Jones via pinfall.

Nathan Frazer vs Rohan Raja: In another interesting matchup Nathan Frazer defeated Rohan Raja via pinfall.

Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster vs Jinny and Joseph Conners: In the last completion of the night, the viewers witnessed Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster taking down Jinny and Joseph Conners via pinfall.

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first published:June 18, 2021, 12:54 IST