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WWE RAW Results: Advantage Sheamus at Elimination Chamber, Lacey Evans Announces Pregnancy

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Sheamus outlasted the championship-calibre field to earn the last entry in Sunday’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

With just six days left for the next pay-per-view, WWE Elimination Chamber, so the latest episode of Monday Night RAW was bound to be a build-up to that. So it did, as The Miz withdrew his name from the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE title.

However, the biggest shock of the night came later in the show as Lacey Evans midway through her tag team match against Asuka and Charlotte Flair that she is pregnant. Which effectively means that her Elimination Chamber match against Asuka for the WWE Raw Women's title is unlikely going to happen and WWE is yet to announce her replacement.

Let’s take a look at the WWE Raw Results:


Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeated Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce:

Asuka and Peyton Royce started the proceedings and in no time, the RAW Women's champion started dominating the former IIconic. Charlotte was tagged in and she too dominated the Aussie. However, Royce did make a comeback and then managed to tag Evans into the match but The Sassy Southern Belle then hopped off the apron, grabbed a microphone and dropped the bomb. As a result, the match ended in no contest.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz:

Kofi got the upper hand against The Miz at the beginning and stunned him for near-falls. However, The Miz turned the tide with back-to-back neck-breakers, one onto the apron and the next on the floor. The to-and-fro action continued but it was The New Day member who had the last laugh as Kofi countered Skull-Crushing Finale into a rollup and then followed with Trouble in Paradise for the win. With this win Kofi earned place in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

Sheamus wins the Gauntlet Match and earns the final entry in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match:

To determine who enters last in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, a gauntlet match was set-up. AJ Style and Kofi Kingston kicked-off main event, and it was the Phenomenal One who got the win with Phenomenal Forearm. Next in was the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. He dominated Styles in the beginning but the tide turned in Styles' favour catching McIntyre in the Calf Crusher. McIntyre escaped with a headbutt. The champion dodged the Phenomenal Forearm and delivered the Claymore for the win. Jeff Hardy entered next, he worked on the battered WWE champion but McIntyre fought back and picked up yet another win with the Claymore kick. Randy Orton was the next person who entered the match, the rivalry rekindled but the match was interrupted when Alexa Bliss’ face appeared and the distraction led Orton to be counted out. Sheamus entered last and attacked McIntyre from behind before the match officially started. The Celtic Warrior then took full advantage of the tired and injured McIntyre. McIntyre fought back with the Glasgow Kiss and dropped Sheamus with Future Shock. McIntyre added an overhead suplex but Sheamus caught him with the Brogue Kick to earn the win.

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