WWE Raw Results: Becky Lynch Gets New Rival in Shayna Baszler, Drew McIntyre Makes a Statement

Becky Lynch (Photo Credit: WWE)

Becky Lynch (Photo Credit: WWE)

Shayna Baszler attacked and bit Becky Lynch as Drew McIntyre beat up MVP on the latest episode of WWE RAW.

The road to WrestleMania is on full swing with Monday Night Raw seeing women's champion Becky Lynch getting a new rival, Seth Rollins' faction getting a new win and Drew McIntyre making a statement ahead of the big showdown. Charlotte Flair continued to drag out her choice of WrestleMania opponent, while NXT Champion Rhea Ripley continued to make her case to be Flair's opponent.

The evening saw Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch defeat Asuka via pinfall after a Rock Bottom to keep the title. Following the win, the champion was attacked by former NXT women's champion Baszler, who not only locked her in a Kirifuda Clutch but also took a bit out of Lynch, leaving her bloodied and in need of medical assistance. While she was being taken to a local medical facility, she hijacked the vehicle and drove off. She later returned to the arena in the ambulance after being looked into and stated she would break Baszler down, adding that she hoped Baszler found her before she found Baszler.

The evening also saw Rollins talk about WWE's future only to be interrupted by Owens. Rollins issued a warning to Owens that if he stood alone against them, he would fall. Owens revealed he is not alone, before the Viking Raiders music hit and they charged to the ring and initiated a brawl outside. As Rollins watched from the ring, Samoa Joe made his way to him and locked on the Coquina Clutch, before the faces chased off the heels.

The subsequent main event saw Seth Rollins, Murphy and AOP defeat Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and Viking Raiders via pinfall after Murphy pinned Joe following a Rollins stomp. Even though Joe has locked in the Coquina Clutch on Murphy, who tapped to it, the referee was distracted allowing Rollins to run in and hit the stomp on Joe, allowing Murphy to pick up the win.

Here's what else happened on Monday Night Raw:

· The Street Profits defeated Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss via pinfall after hitting the Cash Out on Moss.

· 24/7 Championship changes hands when Riddick Moss defeated Mojo Rawley via pinfall to win the title.

· Drew McIntyre appeared on MVP's VIP Lounge, going on to hit MVP with a headbutt followed by a Claymore Kick.

· Angel Garza defeated Cedric Alexander via pinfall after a Wing Clipper.

· Rhea Ripley defeated Sarah Logan via pinfall after Riptide. Following the win, Charlotte Flair emerged ringside, with the NXT champ inviting the Royal Rumble winner to challenge her for the NXT title at WrestleMania. Flair reminded Ripley that she still has to beat Bianca Belair at NXT TakeOver before leaving.

· Ricochet defeated Bobby Lashley via pinfall after a 630 Splash.

· Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall with Black Mass.

The evening also saw Randy Orton cut an in-ring promo explaining why he attacked Edge two weeks ago on Raw. However, he was interrupted by Matt Hardy, who demanded to know the reasons for Orton's actions. Orton hit Hardy with an RKO before walking back.

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