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WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins Heel-Turn Teased, Rey Mysterio Wins Title

Seth Rollins. (Photo Credit: WWE)

Seth Rollins. (Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Raw: Seth Rollins might be turning into a heel while Rey Mysterio beat Ricochet, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre to become No.1 contender for the US Championship.

A day after an intriguing WWE Survivor Series 2019, where the NXT brand emerged victorious over SmackDown and Raw, Monday night's flagship show was all about moving in a new direction following the brand war.

Airing from Allstate Arena, the evening saw a possible heel turn on the part of former two-time universal champion Seth Rollins. Monday Night Raw also saw a surprise win by veteran Rey Mysterio as he grabbed the United States Championship following a win over AJ Styles.

The evening started with Seth Rollins holding a meeting at the centre of ring where he addressed a number of issues. Referring to the to-and-fro between him and CM Punk, Rollins said that Punk is too busy with a desk job to show up and actually make the changes he claims he can.

Punk went on to add that Raw has become a C-show from the A-show it was and all his co-workers sucked on Survivor Series. The wrestler called out Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair and Rey Mysterio, berating them all for their losses before all of them walked out on him.

As wrestlers started leaving the ring-side, turning their backs on Rollins, Kevin Owens showed up on the apron behind him. Rollins ranted on Owens telling him that he was lazy, before Owens delivered a stunner and walked off. Backstage Rollins issued a challenge for him versus Owens later in the evening.

The match between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, however, ended in no-contest when AOP hit the ring during the match. Akram and Rezar began a beatdown on Owens after he tried fighting back. However, instead of manhandling Rollins, they simply walked out, leaving Rollins to hit two stomps on a lying Owens to close the show.

Here's what else happened on Monday Night Raw:

Rusev attacked Bobby Lashley during the latter's bout with Titus O'Neil, even though there was a restraining order against Rusev.

AOP defeated Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder via pinfall in their return to in-ring action.

Andrade defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall after the Hammerlock DDT.

Aleister Black cut a pre-taped promo on Buddy Murphy in which he told the latter that there are consequences for knocking on his door.

Buddy Murphy defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall after a Kamigoye knee strike. However, following the match, Black rushed to the ring and hit him with a running knee strike.

Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair via pinfall with a rollup.

Erick Rowan defeated Kyle Roberts via pinfall.

The evening also saw a new United States champion being crowned after the scheduled match between champion AJ Styles and Humberto Carrillo not happen after the latter was attacked by The OC.

Ricochet, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Rey Mysterio all emerged to stake their claim to a title shot, with Ricochet proposing a fatal-four way number one contender's match for the title.

Rey Mysterio defeated Ricochet (via pinfall), Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre to become number-one contender for the United States Championship.

During his bout with AJ Styles for the title, The OC came to the ring when the referee was knocked out, but Randy Orton leveled the field and nailed Styles with an RKO following Mysterio's 619. Mysterio followed it with a Frog Splash for the win. WWE teased a possible feud between AJ Styles and Randy Orton when the former just mentioned Orton's name as the reason for his loss.