WWE SmackDown: Alexa Bliss Taken Over by The Fiend against Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss (Photo Credit: WWE)

Alexa Bliss (Photo Credit: WWE)

Alexa Bliss hit the Sister Abigail on Lacey Evans before she walked off after being disqualified.


Ritayan Basu

The revolution of Alexa Bliss hasn’t stopped yet. It was visible by her act during WWE SmackDown on Friday night. Bliss was busy fighting Lacey Evans in the ring in a competitive match. Bliss went past off the Roman Reigns' theme song in a trance as the Reigns exited. She paused at the end and gazed back at Reigns, with that being likely what was on her mind.

Throughout the first segment of the match, Bliss took abuse from Evans. While she was at it, Fiend’s laughter suddenly flared up midway of the ongoing match. The ThunderDome was boomed by Fiend’s laugh until a commercial put the show on pause. Before that Bliss who looked visibly shaken up took a breath and looked around. After the show resumed, Evans had control yet again and she took on Bliss whose head became cloudy leading up Evans to advantage.

Even though it distracted Bliss for a jiff, she continued wrestling and ducked a moonsault from Evans. Just then, Fiend's shrieking crazy tune began and the lights came down with the arena glowing red. The Fiend screamed at the speaker a loud "Let Me In!" as Bliss grinned demonically.

Bliss transformed and slipped on a despicable look on her face in the midst of the comments from the announcers stating Bliss being, "wacked out." Bliss then went after Evans and in a ruthless attack, she stomped on her neck. She snapped and hammered on Evans and tore her apart.

Bliss’ assault demeanour was on until the referee called for the bell and declared disqualification. After the bell, Evans brought up The Fiend and Bliss then took Evans to the outer zone and bashed Sister Abigail on her. Bliss hit Sister Abigail before she walked off with the same poker gaze and trouble in her eye.

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