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WWE Smackdown Results: Sasha Banks Beats Reginald in Inter Gender Match

(Photo Credit: WWE Twitter)

(Photo Credit: WWE Twitter)

Here is a look at the matches that took place on January 22 episode.

The Friday night episode of WWE Smackdown was full of action and drama. In the January 22 episode, performances of Roman Reign and Kevin Owens came as a surprise for the viewers. The intergender match between Sasha Banks and Reginald too had the WWE fans glued to their screen.

Here is a look at the matches that took place on January 22 episode:

Adam Pearce vs. Paul Heyman: The match ended in a no contest. The outing began with Paul Heyman being replaced by Roman Reigns after Paul Heyman used the "Card subject to change.” The actual bout began after Roman hit a Superman punch on Paul sending him out of the ring. After this Kevin Owens came into action and hit Roman. The exchange between Roman and Kevin can most certainly be termed as the high point of the match. While the two top wrestlers were in full form the WWE officials were continuously trying to pull Kevin away from the ring. Despite that happening Kevin drove Roman to the announce table with a pop-up powerbomb and that lead to the end of the match.

Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler: Cesaro hit a Neutralizer and sealed the win by defeating Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. This match happened after Cesaro expressed his desire to win the Royal Rumble. It is after this that Ziggler accepted the open challenge thrown by Cesaro. The match was short, and it was quite clear that Cesaro was going to win it.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs The Riott Squad: In the impressive match, Charlotte Flair and Asuka managed to defeat The Riott Squad via pinfall. Billie Kay’s performance for The Riott Squad was rather disappointing in the match to the extent where it became but obvious that the Riott squad is going to lose.

Sasha Banks vs. Reginald: Sasha Banks defeated Reginald in the inter-gender bout. The match started on a rather unique note with Reginald presenting a rose to Sasha Banks. But, in its duration, there were some solid punches that both of them used on each other.

King Corbin vs Dominik Mysterio: This was a rather boring match where it was clearly visible that Corbin was dominating it. What made the bout even more boring was the fact that there was barely any resistance from Dominik. So it was quite obvious who the winner was going to be. The match concluded with King Corbin defeating Dominik Mysterio via pinfall.

Apollo Crews vs. Sami Zayn: Apollo Crews won the match via disqualification. This match was quite interesting as during it Sami removed his handcuffs after witnessing some intense action from Apollo. He was seen delivering one Helluva Kick to Crews. As a result of this he got disqualified and Apollo won the match.

first published:January 23, 2021, 16:20 IST