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Here’s Why You Must Invest In Photo QR - The Latest Innovation From Paytm

By: Priyanko Sarkar


Last Updated: June 21, 2022, 16:02 IST

Here’s Why You Must Invest In Photo QR - The Latest Innovation From Paytm

Here’s everything you need to know about the next leap in QR codes.

Digitisation has made QR omnipresent at merchant establishments. Whether it’s a high-end shopping store at a top mall or your humble chaatwala, the one thing you can be rest assured at both places is that you will find a QR code to scan your purchase digitally. 

While it might seem an incredible task that so many merchants can seemingly use so many different types of QR codes for their own individual storefront, we’re here to say that there’s a new game-changing feature that promises to revolutionise QR codes going forward. Called Photo QR, here’s everything you need to know about the next leap in QR codes. 

What’s Photo QR – 

Photo QR is a unique offering from Paytm that is already being used by more than 20 lakh merchants. In essence, Photo QR is an innovative and improved version of the regular QR. With this feature, a merchant can personalise his or her own QR by adding any photo of their choice. Photo QR also offers features such as Shop Name and Phone number on the QR that makes it stand out from regular as well as other Photo QRs. 

How To Use Photo QR – 

Photo QR implies the use of a photo to create your own unique QR. A merchant can choose to have a selfie, their brand logo or any photos saved on their phone gallery. Alternately he/she can choose from a wide range of Photos available in Photo QR customisation page on Paytm-for-Business App gallery. These include images of gods, religious festivals, monuments and business icons among others.

Once a merchant creates his Photo QR, he can download and share the Digital version of the QR with customers. Alternately, they can order the physical version of the Photo QR that can be placed at their shop or establishment to accept payments. Merchants who opt for physical Photo QR get 1 standee and 1 sticker of the Photo QR delivered to their doorstep. This can be used to not just accept payments but can also be shared widely to create brand awareness as well. 

Why You Must Use Photo QR – 

There are several benefits to having Photo QR, chief among them being that it gives a personal touch to the business of transactions. This not only improves customer retention but also helps draw in more revenue in the long term. 

The Photo QR gives unparalleled freedom to select the photo of your choice to promote your business. No more boring QR or choosing an image from a limited range of pictures. Photo QR gives merchants the opportunity to customise their QR like nothing else, be it their own selfie, brand logo, popular monuments, religious festivals – anything on their phone gallery or the Paytm For Business app is good to go. 

Photo QR provides merchants with an opportunity to display and reinforce their brand in customers’ minds, rather than just as a medium for accepting payments. Not only does this promote their business, it also ensures that there is no confusion in the customers’ mind as to whether they have scanned the correct QR or not.

How To Get Your Own Photo QR – 

Ordering your own Photo QR couldn’t be simpler for merchants. Simply open the Paytm For Business app, click on the Photo QR icon visible on the homepage, and select the photo to be added to be added on the QR. 

Whether it’s a selfie, any photo saved in the merchant’s phone gallery or any picture from the wide range of photos available in the gallery section of the customisations page, picking an unique image is the next step. 

After this, the merchant needs to select their available address or enter a new address. The final step involves making the necessary payment to place an order for the Photo QR and track the status from the Paytm For Business app until their order reaches their doorstep. 

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    With regular QR becoming way too common and all the benefits of Photo QR outlined above, getting one of the latter for your business is a no-brainer when it comes to enhancing your business prospects. Order your Photo QR and watch your business grow manifold here

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    first published:June 20, 2022, 16:59 IST
    last updated:June 21, 2022, 16:02 IST