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Hydration & Immunity


Last Updated: August 29, 2022, 16:46 IST

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Hydration & Immunity

But what’s really at play in the body when you hydrate right?

Chances are that you’ve already heard that the human body needs water to survive. You probably have also experienced the rejuvenating effects of good hydration. But what’s really at play in the body when you hydrate right?

In short, a lot.

Why is hydration essential for the body? 

The human body is mostly water— roughly 60%. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. But to stay hydrated you need more than just water – you need electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge when dissolved in water. Your body retains electrolytes from the foods you eat and the fluids you drink. These minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, are distributed throughout your body and use their electrical energy to facilitate important bodily functions. 

Water and electrolytes together form the dream team. Water is essential for forming saliva, aiding digestion, keeping mucosal membranes moist, promoting cell reproduction, flushing waste, helping the brain make hormones and neurotransmitters, converting food into energy, helping deliver oxygen throughout the body, lubricating joints, and regulating body temperature through sweating and respiration. Electrolytes help with moving nutrients into your cells, removing waste out from your cells, helping rebuild damaged tissue and regulating your nerves, muscles, heart, and brain function. 

Many of these functions directly support your immune system. If you’re low on either water or electrolytes, you can start experiencing side effects like headaches, brain fog, and a weakened immune system. In other words, if you’re low on fluids, you’re in trouble.  

How does hydration support immunity?

Sweating is one of the main ways that water protects your body. When you sweat, your body gets rid of cellular waste products, environmental toxins, and harmful bacteria. If you’re too dehydrated to sweat like you’re supposed to, these pathogens can develop into problematic infections. The next time you’re sick, make sure you drink plenty of water so your body can do what it needs to! 

In fact, one of the lesser known facts is that when we’re sick due to infection and develop a fever, each degree rise in body temperature leads to a loss of 700-1000mls of fluid in the body! This fluid loss affects all systems in the body, including the immune system, if not corrected through proper hydration. 

Your kidneys can’t remove harmful substances from the body when water consumption is insufficient. Once toxins build up in your body, it weakens the immune system that is supposed to defend against infections. 

When it comes to hydration and immunity, electrolytes and water are the winning combination you need. If you’re feeling dehydrated, particularly when you know you’re getting enough water – the missing ingredient here is probably electrolytes, and the easiest way to rectify this is to drink a WHO Oral Rehydration Solution like Electral. Electral, which has been around since 1972 in India, is formulated with the perfect ratio of electrolytes our bodies need to recover from dehydration and keep our immunity up.  


The hype around water is warranted. Hydration is like the oil that lubricates up your immune system and keeps it running smoothly. You can’t race a car without oil, and you can’t fight viruses without hydration. So, drink up and stay healthy. 

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first published:August 29, 2022, 16:42 IST
last updated:August 29, 2022, 16:46 IST