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2019 iPhone XR Leaks Roundup: Optical Zoom, Reverse Charging, Lavender Colour and More

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Last Updated: May 13, 2019, 18:23 IST

2019 iPhone XR Leaks Roundup: Optical Zoom, Reverse Charging, Lavender Colour and More

Apple's 2019 iPhone XR is expected to bring with itself a number of significant changes that may well make it the most lucrative to buy of all the new iPhones.

Apple is steadily progressing work on its new, upcoming iPhones, and reports on the internet keep flooding in with more news of the devices in question. Now, two different information sources have revealed multiple details about Apple's upcoming refresh of the 2018 release, the iPhone XR. While being the least expensive of all the new iPhones, the iPhone XR has still been the best-selling of all the new iPhones, and has been the only iPhone to have sold relatively decent units in an otherwise lacklustre year for Apple.

The first of the two reports come courtesy of Bloomberg, which states that the 2019 iPhone XR will indeed upgrade to a dual camera module, with the second camera unit acting as a telephoto camera as well as in providing optical zoom. However, instead of the simple, vertical camera layout that has been used by Apple in the iPhone X and XS devices, the iPhone XR of this year may also adopt the boxy, raised camera module -- a design element that might not please all. The report further adds that the 2019 iPhone XR may get a neat new "auto-correction" feature, which may use the wide angle lens of the primary camera to capture more information outside the visible frame, and adjust photos later to simply fit in people who may have gotten cropped out of the frame.

Another exciting new feature would be wireless reverse charging, which may be used to wirelessly charge Apple accessories, such as the AirPods case. Given that this is Apple we are talking about, it is highly likely that the reverse charging feature would be available only for Apple devices. Furthermore, while the renders of the 2019 iPhone XR show the raised, square camera section, it does not look as ungainly as the triple camera module that is expected to headline the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Besides this, a Japanese website has claimed to have received information from its sources that Apple may be doing away with the Coral and Blue colours on the iPhone XR, and change them to Green and Lavender in the upcoming edition of the device. It remains to be seen how the new colours are received by Apple's buyers, given that the features are bound to make life easier for those that are really invested in the Apple ecosystem.