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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The OnePlus 6 Over Apple iPhone X

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Does the new OnePlus flagship beat the "best iPhone to date"? Well, in these aspects, it does.

OnePlus 6 has taken the centre stage in the smartphone industry as the Chinese smartphone maker brought out its latest 'flagship killer' this month. With all the latest firepower and in-trend design elements, the new OnePlus flagship smartphone is all that was expected from the company. It is blazing fast, a treat to look at and guarantees the latest features to its users. But in order to match up to its company's reputation of making "flagship killer" smartphones, the OnePlus 6 should be able to take on the current flagship devices in the industry. But one such flagship, by none other than the much loved Cupertino tech giant Apple, stands in its way. Yes, we are talking about the iPhone X. Launched in September last year, the iPhone X was "the one" which started the trend of a 'notch design'. Not just that, Apple also claimed that the iPhone X is its 'best iPhone till date'. Is it the best smartphone in the market so far is a question still up for debate but it surely is a very tough competitor for the OnePlus 6 to take on.

So does the OnePlus 6 kill the flagship? Does it not? This is a subjective topic that depends on a user's preference. Having said that, the OnePlus 6 does have some very strong points to pit the iPhone X when put head-to-head. Here are some of those:

1. Headphone Jack

A simple, yet massively practical inclusion on the OnePlus 6 is that of a headphone jack. OnePlus, at the time of the OnePlus 5T launch, had displayed a poll conducted among its users to know whether or not they would like to have a headphone jack on their device. More than 80 percent had replied "Yes" to the poll. Naturally, the company went ahead with the users' choice and included a headphone jack and to this date, this is one of the most practical implementations I have found on any smartphone.

There are several reasons for this. One you can use your existing headphones which you might have spurred your money upon. Second, music is something that I love listening to almost all the time and charging the phone

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2. The OnePlus DASH Charging

There is a plus that iPhone X has over the OnePlus 6 in the form of 'wireless charging'. But OnePlus does not really care about this and for all the valid reasons. The company has unarguably the best fast charging system in the market in the form of "DASH Charging". Using any other method for charging would only result in slowing down of the process. Apple has also enabled fast charging support on the iPhone X but it is not efficient as on the OnePlus 6. Also, keep in mind that to use wireless charging on the iPhone X, you will have to buy a wireless charger separately. Added expenditure.

3. Blazing fast Unlock

With the iPhone X, Apple has put all its faith on its 3D face recognition technology and skipped the fingerprint sensor altogether and there is no doubt that it works well too. But let's be honest, every one of us who has used the face unlock on any smartphone to date has faced problems on some or the other occasion. Be it in low-lighting conditions, while wearing sunglasses or hats or for any other reason, there are times when you have to rely on the fingerprint sensor. That is when the difference kicks in. OnePlus users can simply use their fingerprint to unlock the device while the iPhone X users will have to type their entire password. Bummer.

OnePlus is not just better because it has a fingerprint sensor. It has a much faster face recognition than the iPhone X too. In our tests, we found that OnePlus 6 easily beats the iPhone X in unlocking the device through face recognition. What's more, even the OnePlus 5T beats the iPhone X in this regard.

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4. Dual SIM Support

Let's face it. Since Reliance Jio has popped up in India, most of us are carrying two separate SIM cards and with the Apple iPhone X users, the 'smartphone love story' has always seen a side-character in the form of an old phone or a budget Android device for the second SIM. While many might be comfortable with this because of a spare phone at home, others will have to actually shell out money to buy the 'other' device.

OnePlus 6 users cruise through this situation with a wide smile. Why, the dual SIM support of course!

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5. Price

The final nail in the coffin for Apple iPhone X in this comparison. Actually, it is not fair for iPhone X to mention the price in a comparison like this. It is sort of a one-sided feature that will save OnePlus 6 from any shortcomings and pull down the iPhone X for the same. But since the users are the ones shelling out the money for the devices, here is a price comparison of the two.

OnePlus 6 starts retailing at Rs 34,999 in India for a 6GB RAM, 64GB storage option. The equivalent variant of the Apple iPhone X retails at Rs 84,990. A price difference of a whopping Rs 50,000.

But wait. What if one wants a bigger storage option? Well, the OnePlus 6 8GB RAM, 256GB storage option is available for Rs 44,999. Meanwhile, the iPhone X 256GB option reaches a 6-digit figure.

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