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5 Reasons You Should Start Using Cloud Storage Immediately

Cloud storage.
Representative Image.
(Image: REUTERS/Alvin Baez)

Cloud storage. Representative Image. (Image: REUTERS/Alvin Baez)

To start with cloud storage, one can simply use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox or Box, while Apple users can use its exclusive cloud service- iCloud.

If you work from multiple locations, that too on the same set of documents, you must be in constant need of data transfer between various devices.

The conventional way of transferring the data between these devices would be external hard drives.

Floppy drives, CD-ROMs, external hard drives, pen drives and MicroSD cards were all invented just to solve this purpose, i.e. store and transfer data for future use.

As the transition from the floppy disks to pen drives has taken place, it is time to switch up your game and start using Cloud storage. Benefits? Read on:

Cloud Increases Accessibility

Cloud storage gives you the option of accessing your documents anytime and on any device having an internet connection. This completely eliminates the chance of ‘not having’ the data with you when you need it the most.

To transfer data without using cloud storage means sending the data across emails or carrying it on a pen drive. Both these scenarios have their own limitations. Through cloud storage, you can easily access a large amount of data anywhere and start working on it right away.

Increased Storage

Cloud not only provides unlimited storage, it also saves a lot of storage space on multiple levels.

Imagine you have to store a large amount of data at some place other than your device. One way of doing this is to transfer the data to hard drives or other portable memory options.

Inevitably, these portable storage devices fill up fairly quickly, especially owing to the large multimedia files which are mostly in use these days.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, has no such limit. Various providers of cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud etc.) and their free permissible limits ensure that you will never run out of storage space on the cloud.

Cloud storage provides anytime access to your data and ups the level of data security.Representative Image.(Image: Reuters)

Data Security

As opposed to the theories of the cloud not being safe, cloud storage is actually much safer than other data storage options.

The cloud servers of the tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft have a whole team of IT experts constantly working on ensuring the safety of the cloud. When you compare this to the handful of developers managing your servers, cloud certainly seems to be a much better option in terms of data security.

Comparing cloud storage to the portable hard drives, on the other hand, brings out the distinguishing factor of the cloud i.e. cloud is not a physical entity.

This means that the cloud cannot be broken, damaged, or even spilt coffee upon to make you lose all your data.

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Enhanced Team Work

Team work is the best option to get along with a task. Conventional ways of data storage tend to limit that by limiting the accessibility to any individual at any given point of time.

Also, there is no known way for multiple people to work on a single file simultaneously.

Cloud storage makes this possible fairly easily. You can provide access to a document to any other individual sitting in a different part of the globe and everyone having access to the file can work on it simultaneously.

This also eliminates the need for everyone to store the generic files on each individual device. This, in turn saves a whole lot of storage space on a group level.

Big Money Saver

The cloud is a straight up money saver storage option.

Comparing the storage limit of an external hard drive with a similar limit over cloud might not clarify that straightaway.

To start with, each cloud platform provides a set limit of free data storage, thus gaining bonus points in this comparison. e.g. Google Drive gives first 15GB of storage space free to its users (including Gmail and Google+ photos), whereas

Then again, you can consider the money saved from being spent on the anti-virus protection for your data. Cloud storage services have their own end-point encryption and have much higher chances of keeping your data safe from malicious attacks.

Also, no money is to be spent on the recovery of data. Given that the portable storage is broken, infected or damaged at times, nothing like this has to be experienced on Cloud storage.

Cloud Storage is a much cheaper option than conventional data storage.Representative Image(Image: Reuters)

For corporations, using cloud services for storage would mean not hiring a dedicated team of professionals just to ensure the data security.

Cloud storage can be operated even by individuals with the least bit of knowledge about computers and smartphones. In the most basic essence, cloud storage is a server that holds all your uploaded data and can provide it to you anytime, anywhere. So no need of carrying pen drives, external hard drives and least of all, to mail files to yourself for future records.

To start with cloud storage, one can simply use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox or Box, while Apple users can use iCloud. Each of these companies provide their own set storage limits without any cost. Subsequently, users can avail more storage space at an additional cost.

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