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Adobe Photoshop Camera, Photoshop for iPad And The Secret Sauce: Sensei AI Prowess

Adobe Photoshop Camera, Photoshop for iPad And The Secret Sauce: Sensei AI Prowess

Adobe launched Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad, Fresco for Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, and new mobile app, Photoshop Camera, at the Adobe Max conference.

The American software company has taken advantage of its Adobe Max conference, which runs in Los Angeles until November 6, to showcase its latest creations, notably with regard to the integration of artificial intelligence using its proprietary Sensei technology, in a range of different products. Along with updates for most of its software packages, Adobe has also announced a number of innovations.

Photoshop for iPad:First presented one year ago, Photoshop for iPad is at last available for unrestricted download. The application features a wide variety of high-performance retouching and compositing tools, which are presented in a fully developed tactile interface. Photoshop for iPad is designed to be intuitive and open to everyone, professionals and beginners alike. The application is free to download but requires a subscription to Creative Cloud.

Illustrator for iPad: A very promising version of Illustrator for iPad was also unveiled, which should launch in the course of 2020. As it did with Photoshop, Adobe has adapted its renowned graphics editor interface to make it fully in tune with the iPad's touchscreen. Here again, Creative Cloud subscribers will be able to work on their various projects using the new mobile application.

Fresco for Surface: A few weeks after its launch for iPad, the painting and drawing application Fresco is now available to owners of Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. As with the iOS version, it offers an unprecedented experience with a multitude of dynamic brushes that give the impression of using real materials, allowing users to produce, for example, virtual oil paintings or watercolours.

Photoshop Camera: Finally, Adobe previewed Photoshop Camera, an all-new mobile application, which is expected to launch in 2020. The new software will take the form of a camera, which makes it possible to retouch any image, mainly by using artificial intelligence and a wide range of filters including artistic ones. The goal of Photoshop Camera is to create artistic images destined for publication on social networks. For the moment, only a handful of iOS and Android testers have had the opportunity to try out the software.