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AEVA UV Sanipro Review: More Is Better And That Is Ideal For A UV-C Sterilizer In Your Home

AEVA UV Sanipro Review: More Is Better And That Is Ideal For A UV-C Sterilizer In Your Home

The AEVA UV Sanipro is available in the 40 litres capacity, which is more than 30-litres of the Philips UV-C Disinfection systems, 34-litre capacity of Orient UV Sanitech and 30-litre capacity of the Godrej Viroshield. The made in India AEVA UV Sanipro UV sterilizer is priced at Rs 10,990.

Much like how water purifiers and subsequently air purifiers have become a part of our homes, it may just be the time to get an ultraviolet C, or UV-C sterilizer home. The Coronavirus pandemic, if nothing else, has taught us the importance of factoring in the unseen dangers. The virus. The bacteria. The germs. We don’t see these. We think an object, or a surface is clean. But it isn’t, in reality. Our much-loved phones. Car keys. The Apple iPad or the Microsoft Surface tablet. Sunglasses. Face masks. Notebooks and notepads. Computer keyboard and mouse. The child’s soft toys. The newspaper arriving home in the morning. Pretty much everything, you name it, and it has virus and bacteria and germs all over it. The simplest solution then isn’t to go and hide behind a tree. But to get a UV-C sterilizer in which you can put all these things periodically and sterilize them. It really cannot get much simpler than that, if you stop disbelieving everything. And this neatly leads me to the AEVA UV Sanipro UV-C sterilizer. This made in India AEVA UV Sanipro UV sterilizer is priced at Rs 10,990 and because of its higher capacity, it has an instant advantage over the similarly priced rivals that include the Philips UV-C Disinfection System, the Orient UV Sanitech and the Godrej Viroshield.

The AEVA UV Sanipro clearly is inspired by the mantra, more is better. Good for us. It is available in the 40 litres capacity, which is more than the 30-litres at which the Philips UV-C Disinfection systems tops out, the 34-litre capacity of the Orient UV Sanitech and the 30-litres capacity of the Godrej Viroshield. The thing is, just having a larger capacity may not have worked had the space not been usable, which in the case of the AEVA UV Sanipro, it is.

The top loading mechanism of the AEVA UV Sanipro means you are basically putting things inside it, rather than sliding them in. The chamber of the AEVA UV Sanipro has an UV Reflective coating that helps prevent any loss in the potency of the irradiation and also allows the sterilization to be more effective. Walls that may have absorbed or muted the bouncing-off effect of the UV-C would have significantly reduced the impact and the same cleaning process would have required much longer. The design is also a rectangle, which means you get a lot of space front to back, even for fairly large cushions and pillows to fit inside without any need for pushing or shoving. This is unlike the square design of the Godrej Viroshield, which pretty much restricts space utilization even though the on-paper capacity is at par with most rivals.

AEVA UV Sanipro UV-C sterilizer

The AEVA UV Sanipro is built like a tank. That is a fantastic thing. Lifting this for the first time to place this on a secure platform before embarking on the review process, proved its genuine weight in earnest. The sterilizer is made from steel and you can get an idea of the industrial and a very much this-means-business build quality when you lift the lid. Be very careful with the lid though—do not absentmindedly leave it halfway because it will come crashing back, and your hands might be in the way. There are recliner slots all the way back and you need to rest the lid on that before you start taking stuff out of or putting new things inside the AEVA UV Sanipro’s chamber. If this lid falls on your hand, there will be more than a cursory sprain, make no mistake about it. I quite like how there is a tiny window, glassed off, of course, through which you can peek in to see the glory of the blue colour UV-C light working its magic in making things a bit cleaner and safer for you.

Speaking of which, the AEVA UV Sanipro has four UV lamps working inside the chamber. These are 11-watt UV-C lamps, and from the looks of it, are the same Philips TUV11 lamps that a lot of other sterilizers also have. These are the low-pressure UV-C lamps which emit the radiation at 254nm. You and I can have an argument till the cows come home about whether or not UV-C does what it promises to do. The fact of the matter is that the concept of UV actually comes from nature. The sun does send UV-A, UV-B and UV-C out into the solar system, and it is the natural UV-C which has the most energy that could also be dangerous—and therefore the earth’s atmosphere absorbs us from it. But the man-made sources of UV-C, when used in a controlled environment, can be used for sterilization purposes. This works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of the DNA, RNA and proteins, which renders the microorganism unable to multiply. That is when it is effectively dead. UV-C is used to clean water as well. UV-C is deployed in the 100-280nm wavelength range.

AEVA UV Sanipro UV-C sterilizer

But one must remember—the UV-C method is good for sterilizing objects and surfaces but should not be used on human skin or anywhere near our eyes, for example. That is why the AEVA UV Sanipro, much like most other UV sterilizers, has an auto-cutoff in case you happen to open the lid while the sterilization operation is taking place. You can set the sterilizer to a preset timer of 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes and 12 minutes, and you’ll hear a beep to notify you when the sterilization is complete.

The Last Word: The AEVA UV Sanipro Is Built Like A Tank, And That Is A Great Thing

There is a genuine need for another sterilization layer in your home, particularly for products that are coming from outside—couriers, packages, shopping bags etc. With UV-C, you can be assured that after a period of time being sterilized inside the AEVA UV Sanipro, the chances of deadly virus such as COVID, will not be left to play havoc in your home. It is more about becoming a habit, much like how using water purifiers and air purifiers is something we developed over time.