AI Will Help India Achieve Digital Goals, Says Mukesh Ambani at RAISE 2020 Keynote

File photo of Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani. (Image: Reuters)

File photo of Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani. (Image: Reuters)

Ambani in his keynote at RAISE 2020 highlighted how the digital transformation of India as a society will help promote inclusive AI to create and nurture new opportunities.

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani delivered an inaugural keynote at the Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020 AI Summit. At the inaugural address, Ambani spoke about India’s journey of digital transformation through growing mobile internet, fiber optic internet network, leading data centres and the Make in India initiative. Ambani further stressed upon how data is the “raw material” for AI, and how “intelligent data is the digital capital”. All of this, as Ambani underlined, will combine to make India a world leader in AI, and have AI work for all Indians.

Talking about India’s progress in the field of digital services and the upcoming journey in AI at RAISE 2020, Ambani said that efforts like BharatNet, Make in India, UPI, and others have positioned India as a leading power in computer technology. As a key example, Ambani highlighted how India has transformed to become number one in the world in mobile data consumption. Ambani also touched upon the advent of 5G, and the impact that it would have in upcoming technologies such as AI.

Ambani further underlined how India can harness inclusive AI development to create faster economic growth, greater prosperity, high quality employment opportunities and better living standards. “We are confident that the government will introduce a sound data regulation framework to protect this national resource and ensure data privacy,” he further added.

Highlighting that data is the most important capital in today’s era, Ambani said that India’s internet penetration will put it in a strong position to leverage the strengths of the nascent technology. Ambani also said that data is a vital national resource, before underlining the government’s five key goals – a $5 trillion economy in the immediate future, self-reliant India (aatmanirbhar Bharat), quality and affordable healthcare, education, and modernising agriculture, as the key steps towards promoting AI and its strengths in revolutionising India as a society. is part of Network18 Media & Investment Limited which is owned by Reliance Industries Limited.

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