Alexa Will Now Let You Shop or Pay Bills Using Your Voice on the Amazon App

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Amazon India has introduced this new feature only available on Android devices and it can be accessed by tapping the microphone icon on top of the page.

In a bid to make shopping and paying various sorts of bills faster and hassle-free, Amazon India has now enabled voice search and bill payments on the Amazon app. Powered by Alexa and Amazon Pay, the feature is currently available on Android devices, where users can access it by tapping the microphone icon on top of the page. This update comes within two months of Alexa's debut on the Amazon app.

Now Ask Alexa to Make Faster Bill Payments

Tap the microphone icon on the Amazon shopping app and ask "Alexa, pay my electricity bill" or "Alexa, recharge my DTH". If you have paid bills in the past, then you will be navigated directly to the billing page with pre-fetched bill details. The company said that with Alexa and Amazon Pay balance, this monthly activity can now be done in just three taps.

First-time customers will be navigated to the specific bill page to register their account and service provider before proceeding with the bill payment. In order to pay make bill payments on Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick on any other device Alexa built-in, users will just have to say, "Alexa pay my mobile bill", or "Alexa, pay my gas bill" to their devices. However, for existing customers, Alexa will get the bill amount due to the registered account and ask for customer confirmation before processing the payment.

"Customers can also enable a voice pin on the Alexa app to secure these transactions. Once approved, Alexa will complete the transaction using Amazon Pay, and send a notification to the customer’s registered mobile phone number, confirming the transaction. For new Amazon Pay customers, Alexa will send a link to register their bill details on the Amazon shopping app before proceeding with bill payment," Amazon said in a statement.

How to Ask Alexa to Add Money, or Check Your Amazon Pay Balance?

In order to ask Alexa to add money or check your Amazon Pay Balance, you have to tap on the microphone icon on the Amazon shopping app and ask, "Alexa, what is my Amazon Pay balance?" and your balance amount will be shown on the app screen. Ir order to add money, just ask, "Alexa, add Rs 500 to my Amazon Pay balance." You will be navigated to the 'Add Money' page with the requested pre-filled amount.

Similarly, you can also use your Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick, and other devices with Alexa built-in to avail these features. You have to just ask “Alexa, check my Amazon Pay balance”, or say “Alexa, add money to my Amazon Pay balance” and receive a link over SMS to complete the transaction.

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