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All Jio Voice Calls to Be Completely Free From January 1, 2021 as IUC Charges End

All Jio Voice Calls to Be Completely Free From January 1, 2021 as IUC Charges End

Reliance Jio has kept its promise of removing interconnect usage charges from its voice calls, now officially making all calls to any operator completely free.

Reliance Jio has kept its commitment to make all voice calls on the network absolutely free for all of its users by 2021. The company announced earlier today that the interconnect usage charges regime that was active so far has been lifted, effective tomorrow, January 1, 2021. The move marks the resumption of the Bill and Keep regime across the entire Indian telecom sector, in line with the directions of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). With this, there will no longer be a free voice call minutes limit for calls to other operators across all of Reliance Jio’s plans.

As part of its media statement announcing the update, Reliance Jio reinstated its commitment to prioritising customer satisfaction, and offering the best quality of service and never seen before rates. Affirming the move, a Jio spokesperson said, “Jio stands firm on its commitment to make the common Indian the beneficiary of advanced technologies like VoLTE.”

“Jio is a customer obsessed organisation, and cares for every single user. All our users enjoy free voice calls with Jio. Jio is committed to lay the foundation of a digital society, where everything, everyone, everywhere is connected with the best quality service, at the lowest price globally, and has access to the most advanced digital platforms. Through technological innovation, Jio will continue to deliver revolutionary products and services to its users, with a customer-first approach,” he further added.

With this move, super popular Reliance Jio recharge plans all include free voice calls to all networks. Some of the plans include the Rs 129 plan with 2GB data allowance for 28 days, Rs 149 plan with 1GB per day data for 24 days, Rs 199 plan with 1.5GB per day data for 28 days, Rs 555 plan with 1.5GB per day data for 84 days, and more.

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