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Amazon Echo Owners in the US Can Now Talk to Alexa in Spanish

Image for representation. (Photo: Reuters)

Image for representation. (Photo: Reuters)

Users, especially those in multilingual households, can either switch between English and Spanish or chose only Spanish as their language on their Amazon Alexa device.

Amazon’s multilingual mode for its Echo and Alexa-powered devices is live now in the US, giving users the option to talk in Spanish along with English. Customers in the US can now enable the multilingual feature in the Alexa app and switch between English and Spanish easily, getting a response in the matching language.

Alternatively, Alexa can also be set to speak only in Spanish in the app settings. The multilingual feature is especially useful in households where multiple languages are spoken. “With billions of people in the world speaking more than one language, many homes are not homogenous when it comes to languages anymore,” Amazon had explained at the time of announcing its multi-lingual modes for Alexa at the hardware event last month in Seattle.

Amazon had also announced multi-lingual modes for India, where Alexa would be able to speak a combination of Hindi and English, which is currently available for users in the country. In the US, the introduction of Spanish support for Alexa was important, given the fact that it is the second-most widely spoken language in the country. Moreover, Alexa’s competitors Google Assistant and Siri have been using multilingual support features for quite some time now, so it becomes all the more important for Amazon to up its game. Doing just that, Amazon has also given the US users of its Amazon Music service an option to ask Alexa for several newly launched Latin music playlists in Spanish.