Amazon Music's X-Ray Feature Now Displays Fun Facts and Tidbits About a Song

Amazon Music's X-Ray Feature Now Displays Fun Facts and Tidbits About a Song

The X-Ray feature is also available on Amazon Prime Videos, and it contains details on the actor seen during a particular scene of a movie or show.

Amazon is improving its X-Ray feature on Amazon Music with "fun facts" and behind the scene trivia for popular songs in the US and UK. The X-Ray that has been available on the platform for quite some time initially displayed on-screen lyrics for the particular song being played by the user. Notably, the feature is also available on Amazon Prime Video, and it includes information on actors featuring during a specific scene along with other trivia. The X-Ray button on Amazon Music also contains "credits" that offer information such as writer, producer, bass, and band details.

According to The Verge, the improved X-Ray is available globally across "tens of millions" of songs listed on Amazon Music. Users would be able to find the behind the scene trivia under X-Ray's credit section, the report adds. The behind the scene info also includes tidbits about an artist's backstory along with other perfunctory details about when a song was released and more. The feature is rolling out on Amazon Music via an over-the-air update, and users are advised to get the latest version of the app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Interestingly, the X-Ray feature is also available on Kindle, the company's e-book reader. Meanwhile, in January this year, Amazon said that the Music platform sailed past 55 million subscribers globally.

Over the last few months, Amazon has been updating its streaming platforms to rival services provided Spotify, Google, and Apple. In September this year, Amazon Music added podcasts, although they are available to use in select countries. The e-commerce giant also added new podcast series for free on Audible last month and has announced series for the platform in the coming months. Users can access the podcast series by logging in to the platform with an Amazon ID. Some original podcast series is available on Audible with a subscription.

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