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Android 10 Update Causes Performance Issues in Google Pixel 2; Breaks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Representative Image.
(Image: News18.com)

Representative Image. (Image: News18.com)

Several Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL users had to factory reset their phones to downgrade to Android 9 since they couldn't resolve the Android 10 upgrade issues.

Google has been introducing a number of updates in the last few months, including the new Android 10 for some of its latest smartphones. Back in September this year, Google rolled out the latest Android 10 for the Pixels. While there were numerous faults with Apple’s iOS 13, seems like Google’s Android 10 has been facing a similar fate. Recently, a Google Support thread reported the news of Android 10 breaking Google’s Pixel 2 performance. There were issues reported with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity after the Android 10 update on Pixel 2. According to the note, “Android 10 update on Pixel 2 XL caused a Wi-Fi issue where all Wi-Fi networks report ‘Connected, no internet access’.”

A number of other Pixel 2 users also raised the issue with Bluetooth connectivity. The Android user noted that while connecting the device through Safe Mode, to eliminate any possibility of hurdles, the connectivity issue did not resolve. In fact, resetting the router rebooted the phone and wiping the network settings did not seem to work either. The only resolution left was to Factory Reset the phone, so as to downgrade the phone back to Android 9.

While not all the Pixel 2 users are facing similar issues, a number of users have raised a similar issue. As mentioned in the thread note, a number of Pixel 2 users on Android 10 have been able to get replacement devices running Android 9. There is no confirmation on Google’s solution on the same.