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Android Auto Crosses 100-Million Downloads on Google Play Store

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Android Auto is connected to the car through a USB port and allows users to access calls, messages, music, etc via Google Voice Commands.

After almost five years of its launch in the summer of 2014, the Android Auto app has gained 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The application developed by Google is used by car owners to navigate through the streets without getting sidetracked by WhatsApp chats or Instagram notifications. The Android counterpart to Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto is a simplified version of Google Now.

It is connected to the car through a USB port and allows calls and messages to be accessed by the user. Calls are managed through Bluetooth hands-free. The app provides the user with the ability to make calls, play music stored on phone, send dictated messages to contacts, and use Google Maps. However, no notification from any other app is showed to the user. Unlike in case of Bluetooth audio streaming, Android Auto sends audio to the car’s speakers via USB with no reduction in sound quality.

Apart from the music of one’s device, content can also be played from Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, among others. After being introduced, Google Assistant support and “streamlined” UI have been added to the device, making it a more customized experience. The in-car operating system can be controlled in three ways. By using Google Voice Commands, users can control the system by keeping their hands on the steering.

Other than that, physical buttons or knobs on respective cars can also control Auto. A simplified version of the Android phone, Android Auto can be used with touchscreen navigations as well. Android Auto comes together with Android 10 devices now, so its download numbers will get reduced over time. By securing the nine-digit download mark, it joined YouTube Music, Google Home and Google Pay in the same group. The application maintains a 4/5 rating from more than 800 thousand reviews.