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Android Auto Users Facing Issues with Google Assistant

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Several Android Auto users have commented on a support thread about experiencing glitches with the Google Assistant after the Android 10 update.

For users of Android Auto, the functionality of the app is only proven when its built-in voice assistant functions properly. However, a rising number of people seem to be having trouble getting Google Assistant to listen and answer their queries in their cars for quite some time now. There is a support thread in Google's help forum, where people have shared their complaints. While some say they are experiencing a "double beep" issue when they say "OK Google" or hit the microphone button, another group of people say that the Assistant does not reply to certain queries like "Play the news", while erratically working for other queries/requests.

Going by reports online, it seems that Google is aware of the "double beep" issue, but nothing has been done about it as yet. Even though there is no connection between the smartphones being used by users and the different Android versions running on the used phones, they are not being able to get Google Assistant to work in a proper manner when using Android Auto on their car stereos. The problem also appears to be irrespective of which vehicle one rides as well. According to the Google support page, the issue started before the update to Android 10, and seeing that Google is already aware, a fix might be on the cards soon enough.


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