Android Q Beta Code Hints at Upcoming iOS 3D Touch-Like ‘Deep Press’ Feature

Android Q Beta Code Hints at Upcoming iOS 3D Touch-Like ‘Deep Press’ Feature

The ‘MotionEvent’ doc that handles touchscreen and input functionalities in Android Q reportedly reveal how Deep Press may be integrated in the platform.

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  • Last Updated: April 9, 2019, 11:16 AM IST
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Android Q may integrate an iOS-like Deep Press feature. The feature is reported to be similar to iOS’ pressure-based haptic shortcut, and may enable a list of shortcuts on an app icon similar to what may be accessed with a long press. Reported by 9to5Google, documents inside Google’s ‘MotionEvent’ folder in Android Q’s upcoming beta build have revealed added information for developers, which state that the feature, which very closely sounds like the 3D Touch feature of iOS, may be introduced in the upcoming Android version, soon.

If this does work out, then Google will have integrated the pressure touch ability into the core Android framework for the first time ever. When Android Oreo was rolled out, Google integrated a similar looking shortcut pop-out menu into its app launcher, which responded to long presses. The makers of Android have been known to follow iOS in terms of many features, with Android introducing gesture-based controls similar to iOS in more recent times. With this now Deep Press feature, it may also open up the ability for Android to respond to varying types of touch input with even more features.

Interestingly, this also opens up the ability for Android smartphone manufacturers to integrate new hardware material, such as a haptic engine underneath the display to make better use of the feature. Apple’s iPhones presently use a combination of haptic feedback and software to detect varying degrees of pressure on the display, and offer features accordingly. As of now, it is unclear if Google will do the same, or simply use normal display panels to still detect varying pressure levels, minus the hardware integration.

Nevertheless, the move to include Deep Press in Android will allow developers to integrate more features into their respective Android apps. While 3D Touch initially received a lukewarm response, it has since been an interesting part of iOS’ overall functionality. It remains to be seen how far the integration works on Android, and we should get a first glimpse of it with an upcoming Android Q beta.

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