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Android Users, Big News For You: Android 11 Will Likely Launch on September 8

The official icon of the Android 11 Developer Preview. (Illustration altered by

The official icon of the Android 11 Developer Preview. (Illustration altered by

Android 11's launch date was glimpsed upon during a recent Google Smart Home Summit, and falls in line with when Android is launched as a stable build each year.

Android 11, the next generation of one of the world’s most popular operating systems, appears to have a launch date. According to Android Police, Google inadvertently revealed the launch date at the recently held ‘Hey Google’ Smart Home Summit in USA, when a presentation slide revealed a ‘checklist’ the launch of Android 11 on September 8. The report also states Michele Turner, senior director of Google’s Smart Home division, as stating that Android 11 will indeed be launched on September 8. The information appeared to have been revealed on a slide where Google is talking about enhancements that would be made to Android 11’s power menu, to accommodate easier access of Google’s smart home devices on any recent Android smartphone.

Android 11 is slated to bring a host of new features to the massive ecosystem of Android devices. These new features include native screen recording on all upcoming Android devices, muting notification sound while recording videos (to avoid the super annoying ‘ping’ that might come out of nowhere), increasing touch sensitivity of displays to accommodate for tempered glass screen protectors, logging notification history, and automatically disabling a particular app permission if the app has not been used for a long time. The latter may be a crucial new feature in terms of user privacy.

Other features include a revamped power menu to accommodate for smart devices, intuitive shortcut controls, pinning most used apps to the sharing menu, better gesture adjustment, and most importantly, enabling consistent Bluetooth connectivity even even Airplane Mode is switched on. App ‘bubbles’ are also expected to be included in Android 11, which will make apps appear as floating menus to enable easier multitasking should you need to. All things taken together, Android 11 is all about refining the overall Android experience yet again, instead of being a major overhaul.

Unlike other years, this year’s Android launch is also going to be a silent affair. Google rolled out its Android 11 developer preview without an event to mark its introduction, after the Covid-19 pandemic led to most of our activities shifting to a remote basis. The launch of a new Android version every year also signifies the launch of new flagship devices, and going forward, it will be interesting to see which OEM claims the bragging rights of being the first to launch a smartphone with the latest software.

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