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Apple Could Soon Launch a 'Smart Ring' as it Wins New Patent

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Last Updated: October 18, 2019, 13:04 IST

Apple Could Soon Launch a 'Smart Ring' as it Wins New Patent

Apple said that the SmartRing will be Siri-enabled and can be used for biometric authentication, controlling devices and home lighting.

Tech giant Apple has always had its way of staying ahead of its competitions, with the latest design and technologies. Now, the company might soon come up with a wearable smart ring, which can be worn around your finger and have the potential to control your iPhone. According to a news report, the company has patented multiple iterations on the concept of smart ring wearable technology. Titled “Devices, methods, and user interfaces for a wearable electronic ring computing device”, the patent was granted to Apple on October 15.

As it is clear from the patent, the company will be introducing a wearable smart ring, much like the smartwatch, which will be able to control your iPhone. The patent talks about a ring with a touchscreen, and includes a processor, a rechargeable source of power and a wireless transceiver. Not just this, one will be able to use just a finger, a finger tap, voice command or hand gesture to control any device like an iPhone or an iPad. Additionally, it has been revealed that Apple’s new device will use a biometric sensor. This wireless system will help in “waking up” a device. As pointed out by VentureBeat, the company had been working on the patent for the last three years.

Patently Apple revealed, “Like Amazon’s Echo Loop, Apple’s smart ring will be able to use Siri; be used for biometric authentication; can be used to control a computer, TV, TV box and used as a wearable mouse with a touchpad. It could be used to control home lighting or control some aspects of a vehicle.”

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