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Apple iOS 13 Launch Date, Leaks, Expected Features: Everything We Know So Far

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Last Updated: May 07, 2019, 16:38 IST

Apple iOS 13 Launch Date, Leaks, Expected Features: Everything We Know So Far

Apple’s new iOS 13 is expected to bring a host of new features, designed to make iOS a more versatile mobile ecosystem.

iOS 13 launch is possibly just about a month away, and regular leaks in the past few weeks have revealed a lot about the new Apple mobile OS. The new platform is expected to offer a few essential interface tweaks, along with changes to long-standing native applications, while redoing some features that have received criticism in differing circumstances. The list of changes may initially seem to be incremental, but is actually fairly extensive, and may contribute significantly to improve iOS 12, while keeping the fundamental design the same.

iOS 13 launch date

Apple typically gives us a preview of what’s coming with its latest mobile OS at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled for Monday, June 3. It is here that we expect to catch a glimpse of Apple’s new mobile OS, and the beta circle should begin soon after, leading up to Apple’s hardware event that typically happens in September every year.

iOS 13 expected features

Design and interface

The iOS 13 design language is expected to remain similar to iOS 12, but differ enough in multiple ways, to make it look and feel new. The most important of the bunch is the widely expected Dark Mode coming to iOS 13, similar to what Apple has introduced with macOS Mojave. System-wide Dark Mode updates are the latest fad, with Android too striving to roll out this update with Android Q. This is pretty much confirmed to come, going by rumours, and will also include a system-wide Sleep Mode that may be integrated into the UI.

The Reminders app is also expected to get a revamp, with a new UI that organises tasks in accordance to the importance of tasks that users can schedule. Other interface changes include Apple Books, which may get a Kindle-like progress tracker built into the app, along with a rewards system that might be linked somehow to Screen Time parental control, thereby urging kids to read books, and reward them for the same. This will also be a part of Apple’s steadily increasing health and fitness updates, which it plans to roll out in iOS 13.

The ‘share’ interface is also slated to get an interface revamp, which according to us is much required since the menu is not intuitive right now. Alongside being more organised, it will also use the general AI improvements of iOS 13 to intelligently suggest people depending on what you wish to share.

The final update may be coming to the native keyboard app, which may be getting natively integrated swipe typing functionality, in line with what the likes of SwiftKey and Google’s Gboard already offers on Android.

Health and safety

Alongside the above-mentioned Sleep Mode, Apple is said to be upgrading its Apple Health app, which will add real life, essential metrics such as daily activity monitor, a menstrual tracker and even a hearing health monitor, aspects that people actually care and are sensitive about.

Apple is also reported to be working on improving Screen Time, in order to put a check on smartphone addiction. Apple wants to improve Screen Time while keeping privacy as centrepiece, and iOS 13 may see the start of its endeavours. Also contributing to its health and safety aspects is an upcoming update to Apple Home, which is slated to soon support smart security cameras within the Apple ecosystem.

Location and communications

iMessages are set to get a significant overhaul, with the ability for users to add custom profile photos and nicknames similar to other chat applications. This, combined with the swipe typing keyboard and the integration of Animoji and Memoji into stickers, are designed to improve the rudimentary online messenger of Apple ecosystem into a more functional one.

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    The Mail app is also slated to finally become better, and improve from its barebone structure to present features such as micro-control over individual mail threads, singular incoming address blocking, and a far better way to access the folder management in storage, from the messy, confusing affair that the interface offers right now.

    Maps will also get an update, where they will be able to add frequently visited locations, and get access to them in a quick-view format. Finally, Find my Friends and Find my Phone are now expected to fuse the two functionalities together, and present a common tracking mechanism in iOS, for both people and devices.

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