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Siri Caught Cursing on an iPhone; Apple Fixes The Bug Silently

Representative Image: (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

Representative Image: (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

People have found the Apple voice assistant cursing on some basics of questions.

Despite being helpful almost all of the times, Apple's voice assistant Siri has been caught up in an Internet storm (and even more surprisingly) for being verbally abusive. The voice assistant that backs the voice-controlled operations on almost all of the Apple devices is now being blamed for using a slang and that too, in response to the most basic of questions that one could ask it. A recent post by a Reddit user reveals how Siri, after a series of definitions for the word 'Mother', also blurts out a slang, defining the word as a short for mother----.

As can be seen in the video, the user asks Siri to define the word 'Mother' upon which it responds with a list of definitions of the word. Afterwards, Siri asks if the user needs more such definitions for the word, "Do you want to hear the next one?" Upon replying "Yes", the voice assistant states that mother can be shorthand for "motherf-----", a word that is used for swearing.


Upon our attempts at replicating the same, Siri did not reach the stage to ask if we need more definition of the word. It looks like Apple has fixed the bug in the hindsight since the reports around the same started surfacing online.

The blame for the entire episode cannot be put on Siri, however, as it is only designed to pick up definitions from the Oxford dictionary or other sources. The incident also shows how the smart assistants can only perform the tasks they are designed to do and cannot filter out such content on their own.