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Apple Is Using The Daisy Robot To Crush Your Used iPhone In Seconds: All You Need To Know

By: S Aadeetya


Last Updated: May 10, 2022, 13:42 IST

Apple uses daisy robot to recycle older iPhone models

Apple uses daisy robot to recycle older iPhone models

Apple brought daisy robot as part of the Earth Day program few years back, but now its own recycling strategy means the robot is big part of the company's future.

Apple has become an environment-conscious brand in the past few years. It has removed the adapter from the box, to lighten the packaging. And it also encourages people to recycle the e-waste rather than throwing them away in the garbage. Apple has a very reliable mechanism in place that takes of the recycling process of iPhones, and its name is Daisy.

Daisy the robot was announced in April a few years back and is said to be a recycled version of another robot called Liam that was around from 2016. Apple brought these robots as a part of its Earth Day initiative but you can now consider Daisy as a fulcrum of Apple’s recycling program, and she’s good at it.

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Apple claims Daisy has the knack (programming) to pluck out the damaged parts in an iPhone and separate the ones that can be used again for the newer models.

The robot has been tuned to dismantle nine different models of iPhone that Apple has launched over the years, allowing the company to put more models under the eligibility criteria for recycling. Daisy has the ability to tear up to 200 iPhones in an hour, which is quite impressive, even for a robot.

Daisy robot breaks the iPhone to remove the battery

The dismembering process from Daisy is quite precise, something that is Apple’s strong suit. The whole system is completed in two steps that involve shredding and smelting. Daisy crushes the glass of the iPhone, and the remaining aluminium parts of the phone are sold in the scrap market. The shredding is done to the plastic and metal parts of the device.

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How Apple Uses Daisy Robot To Break iPhones For Recycling

The whole dismantling at Daisy’s end goes through four steps in total.

First, the robot is entrusted to bring the iPhone back to its usual shape, without any bends. It ditches the display, and now it is time to remove the battery from the unit at the back. Apple uses cold freeze at extreme temperature to harden the battery case, and then free up the screws used to mould the iPhone. The main parts are removed and the iPhone is finally ready to be scrapped for good.

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    Daisy was part of the Earth Day program and involved in a donation drive. Now, she handles a core business for Apple which is going to change the way a business operates in the future.

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    first published:May 10, 2022, 13:42 IST
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