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Apple Mocks Google Android at WWDC 2018 With an Interesting Stat Comparison

Apple took a dig at Google's Android at the WWDC 2018.
(Image: Apple)

Apple took a dig at Google's Android at the WWDC 2018. (Image: Apple)

Apple took a dig at its rival OS, none other than Google's Android, in an interesting comparison of stats. Read all about it here

Apple's annual developers conference for this year was kickstarted last night at an event held in McEnery Convention Center in San José, California. Scheduled to be held until June 8, the announcements by Apple on the opening day of the event certainly gave Apple fans many reasons to be excited about the new software upgrade by the company. Following his keynote speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi on the stage to unveil the all-new iOS 12 to the world.

Now, along with all the latest updates and features on the iOS 12 on Federighi's presentation, there was one particular statistics that caught the attention of the audience. As per Federighi, 81 percent of all the Apple iOS devices around the world run on Apple's latest iOS 11 operating system. This is, however, not the most amusing part. The Apple representative took things a notch up as he compared this piece of stats to its rival's, which in this case, is Google's mobile operating system Android.

If you had a chance to catch the WWDC 2018 live, let's just say that Apple had its fair share of fun at the stage with this comparison. In case you missed it, here is what Craig Federighi had to say on the comparison:

"As of today, 81 percent of all of our over a Billion iOS devices are running the latest release. Now when you look at the competition, its hard to say they really have a software update at all."

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And looking at the stats, we have to agree, the statement is completely justified at the least. While Apple has more than 81 percent of its iOS devices running on iOS 11, Android is struggling to push its Android Oreo update to most of its devices across the world. As per the data shared by Apple, Android Oreo currently runs on a mere 6 percent of the total Android devices. What makes things worse, Google is already prepared to unveil its next Android version as the Android P. With less than 6 percent currently on Oreo, the question naturally arises, how many will update to the Android P?

This is not entirely Google's fault per se. The massive variety of smartphone OEMs and their own custom UIs on their devices leaves less room for Google to actively push its Android updates. While many have only recently rolled out the Android Oreo update, some are still launching new smartphones with Android Nougat support out-of-the-box. Apple, in comparison, only has to cater to the in-house devices, making it much easier to push updates.

Whatever the reason may be, Apple does have an upper hand here and this was portrayed at the WWDC 2018 in quite an amusing way.

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